Just back from Stillwater

Worst half of Hog basketball I can remember. But, that has been addressed in other posts.

What impressed me was the crowd noise and enthusiasm of the home crowd. Like what it used to be at Barnhill and the Bud. Our crowd pales by comparison. Made me sad to realize how much our crowd sits on their hands and only rarely generates a high level of energy and noise.

This was not an every day crowd for OSU. It was sold out because of the ten year anniversary and it didn’t help that they couldn’t make a bad play if they tried.

I agree with the OP. In the past, our fans wanted to be a part of the outcome. They wanted to make a difference. Now, they just want to be entertained. There might have been other reasons for the crowd at Stillwater but I agree with the OP about the crowd in the Bud these days.