Just back from game

It was fun. I had heard about this defense. They are relentless and smothering. Devo ate up their stud scorer.

Great place to watch a game in that everyone is close. Hogs are here in numbers


Jim-we are with Gas and BsWax in Lahaina at Freidas Beach House, outside watching waves and sunset. We need to plan for after game tomorrow. Anyone Elgar the game respond and we will clue you in to an after game get togethe

My durn phone: anyone else

Thanks. Sounds good. We are sitting just outside our door with feet in Ocean watching SDSU and OSU. Getting ready to grill some fillets. Life is tough. Hogs win (I played hard, esp first half)

Saw Gas before game. Lost everything after got inside
303 887 2639

OK OK, you guys causing some serious jealousy.


All of you guys are representing the Hogs unbelievably! Bilas mentioned more than once yesterday. I was in DFW B terminal Sunday am running to catch a plane and saw a man in Hog gear - I wanted to go introduce myself but had to get to a departing flight, was wondering who that was?

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