Just asking about our Secondary…

If I understand correctly, the Hogs Secondary has suffered a pair of season ending injuries, one prolonged injury and a pair of new injuries against MSU. Is their any common thread to all of these injuries? Technique or roles being coached? Players too small to handle the beating? Something else? Or purely coincidental??? I personally don’t recall any Secondary being so ravaged with injuries. It’s not normal.
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It is normal for injuries. It just happens to be in our secondary this year. The only common thread in them for this team is that they are playing FOOTBALL.

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I think that’s a fair question and should be assessed. But it sure seems to be normal. Two years ago Alabama lost four outside linebackers in a matter of days. The opposite side of the defense had none. No correlation to any of them.

Knee injuries, shoulder injuries. Typical football stuff.

I recall three quarterbacks getting injured when Hogs played at Carolina. Non related. All in same game. Bad luck.

Alabama lost several WRs late last year. Probably handed national title to Georgia.


What was the impact of the sudden departure of Foucha & Brooks earlier this years?

Between injuries & portal, Odom was dealt a difficult hand this season.

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Purely anecdotal but more often than not we are playing with six out of the eleven on defense being identified as defensive backs, ie smaller, so defensive injuries just by percentages would seemingly be skewed to the defensive backs, even without the smaller size impacting injuries.

In addition, it seems that a defense that has gives up a lot of run yards, secondary players will have more opportunities to be making tackles, often times with good sized backs running full speed.

Maybe we need more tackles before they reach the secondary


It is my understanding that Foucha and Brooks departing was a surprise (at least in part driven by the former CB coach, Carter). We had already signed our 2022 HS guys and had targeted McGlothern in the portal. Brini didn’t come around until we had completed the bowl season (he stayed at UGA through the NCG). So, at best, one portal DB to replace two departing starters - two guys who weren’t particularly fast, but experienced in the system and lock-sure tacklers.

Tackling has been our achilles heel this year. Lots of YAC, especially early on.

Was also due to both having squeezes in south La.

As to the OP, simply a run of incredibly bad luck. The bumper sticker “chit happens” exists for a reason.

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