Just announced that Norvell

has signed an extension at Memphis. And we are going to screw around and let Oregon hire Kiffin



… that he was not the guy, obviously

Morris or Venables …

Pretty clear to me we hire Morris.

yep…question is, is UT now also coming after morris?

I’m not ruling out Venables either, but CM seems more probable.

We could only be so lucky as to avoid the Kiffin nightmare.


If we want Morris we better get it done. He is on Phil’s short list and they are trying to get this done for a big recruiting weekend at UT. I hope this doesn’t turn into a situation where we are going to get the scraps after others get their positions filled.

Maybe we could list the position on Craig’s list!

If Sexton is Norvell’s agent he wouldn’t advise him to sign with Memphis if he thought there was the potential for a bigger contract with Ark. Didn’t I read that Sexton represents Norvell and Morris?

I believe that’s right.

I don’t see how it’s not a conflict of interest if you are representing two (or more) different people who may be seeking the same job.

All this says is we decided no on Norvell. I’d have liked him, but he’d fallen to about 3rd on my list. Just hope Morris or Venables are willing to come.

we waited too long and don’t blame the guy for signing an extension…

all i will say about norvell and then i will shut up about him.

in his first year he beat morris and smu 51-7. morris had been at smu how long in 2016?
in his second year he beat morris 66-45. morris had been at smu how long in 2017?

we talk about memphis has no defense, well apparently it is better than smu’s. we want to recruit texas better, and i agree… but let us not turn into texas east. i want a national recruiter, not a strictly texas one.

He represents so many coaches, a lot of times he has the one who just got fired and two or three trying to replace him.

we did some research on sexton today at work at lunch. that guy has the who’s who of coaching circles, plus athletes in all sports. he prefers baseball and basketball players because of their longevity. i was surprised at the percentage he makes, i thought it would be much higher however it is 3 to 4 %. still makes 26mm i think i remember i saw between all his clients. the group he works for also has other coaches, movie and television stars, etc. impressive group. it was a good read to see how he got into this business. he has sure make it successful for himself. last thing i will say is it told a story of when saban to lsu. he proposed 1.2mm and said he tried to keep a straight face when facing the lsu athletic director. when the ad said done, he thought i can’t believe it. look at coaching salaries now.

Sexton got into the agent game because he was Reggie White’s roommate at EOE-K and got involved in the USFL Memphis team’s successful effort to sign White. That chance event led to his becoming a full-time agent. One of his first major clients who wasn’t his roommate was Scottie Pippen. Bill Parcells convinced him to focus his efforts on coaches, who did not have very many agents seeking to represent them at the time. Most sports agents do make 3 or 4% on contracts, more on endorsement deals. Of course, 4% of what Gus just worked us to get from Auburn is still $2 million.