Just agony!

I can’t stand it right now. If I could flick a switch and not care anymore, just not even be aware of what is going on, I think I would do it.

I know it’s just a game, but it seems like my 60 plus years as a fan have been so much disappointment, agony, and despair. When that ball dropped, it was like another punch in the gut. The '69 game. The '79 losses to CSF. The Stoerner fumble. The Fish blunder. Will we ever catch a break? All we have to do is catch a pop up.

I know I’ll still be there tomorrow. Glued to the TV. Stomach churning.

Honestly though, we were pretty lucky to win yesterday. Blew it today. Haven’t hit the ball. Maybe we can somehow get it together tomorrow? Campbell pitches his best game ever. We hit the darned ball.

See, here I go getting all hopeful all over agin. It’s a curse.

I share your pain. I know the players and coaches are in shock and dismay.
But as CDVH said, it ain’t life or death, baseball is just a game.
I hope lightning strikes in our favor in the final game.
Baseball can be cruel bone deep.

Let’s hope we get the last laugh. :slight_smile:

I expect Perry will be behind the plate and feed us full of one sided calls! I don’t feel as if we gave the game away in the 9. We failed to blow this game open with the bases loaded and with help with a 3 foot wide strike zone!
If the hogs hit the ball tomorrow we will win. Everybody’s need to swing the bat and stop taking call strike 3 when it has been called all night!
Pitching has been good so far. Campbell needs a good outing. The bullpen will be by committee.

I’m right there with you. I was about to hug my 10 yr old son in the stands when the popup went up. And then Judy like that a lifetime memory was dashed.

He has no idea. He still thinks we will win tomorrow. I feel guilty for subjecting him to this lifetime of our team snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s a joke how we invent ways to fail. I’m so tired.

To refer to the game as agony is almost an understatement because in my opinion that was the national championship. Arkansas has been out-hit by Oregon State 21-12 so clearly the better team won. There is not much chance of winning when for every hit you get, the other team gets two hits.

FOLLOWUP: Based on today’s betting odds, it appears Oregon State is 2 to 1 favorite. That implies we have 1 chance in 3 (33%) of winning. That’s not good; but, at least, it is not as hopeless as I though.

I understand so well. I’ve felt this way so many times with the Razorbacks. This one hurts worse than just about any because it was for the NC. If we can somehow win tonight, the pain will go away, but I’m afraid everything points to an OSU win. Perhaps a big one. Isaiah has to pitch great & do it longer than he ever has. Our BP is down to about zero. My only hope is that OSU’s is, too.

Why did Monday have to get rained out? Oh, we can all go on about all the “might have beens” in this series. There are simply so many. It just hurts so badly.

Maybe, just maybe, we can score a lot of runs tonight.

DVH needs to remind the team that this is a game in which every other college team in the nation wishes they were playing. There is no pressure. Many people think the series is over, so just go play relaxed. Don’t worry about pitch counts; just go hit the ball. Play as if you were back in Little League and just wanted to be like (You feel in your favorite player here). Everybody’s awarding OSU the national title; you only have a puncher’s chance, so go land some punches in the first inning and keep landing them until the final out is recorded in the ninth. Then look up at the scoreboard and, win or lose, you will have done yourself, your university and your state proud.