Just added 5-star (story added)

and Ga. commit Broderick Jones to the Jan. 17 visit list. His coach Marcus Jelks just confirmed.

ESPN profile - http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/234019/broderick-jones



#1 OT in the country? Nice! Reel him in Sam!

Holy cow…

Woob woob wooob in my best curly voice if we can reel in this big boy! Might need some very friendly handshakes to pull this one off🙂

WHOA!!! Here’s to crossing fingers and toes and sending up lots of prayers he makes it to campus!!! If he does then we always have a solid shot!!!

Wow !

Now that would be amazing to get that kid. Damn…

The only reason I’m posting this is I NEVER have inside information, but it looks like my GA friend had some info … I very excited about this, my info is that he reached out to CSP. Never know, but I never count out CSP and OL.


Thank you Cade.

Wow! This would make an early statement. Build it one player at a time and coach up the players on campus!
It may be wishful thinking but anything is possible.

OMG! Really! For years and years and years I have been screaming we got to get real Olinemen. There was a little ray of hope in BB early years which it seems was really SP. Now we have a coach that gets it. Man, if he could somehow pull this off. No way do I want to get my hopes up too high, but just to get a visit and have a chance says big things about the direction of this program. Finally, a little hope.

If he indeed reached to CSP, that’s a statement in itself!

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It will take a miracle to pull this off considering the shade the programs in and the distance away in comparison to the two teams he visits after us.Sam is the only one capable of pulling this off so go get him brother!!

Youda I think it is a done deal - Coach is the primary reason he first committed to Georgia and why he didn’t sign. I’m hoping that once he sees everything the Hogs have to offer, 2 great OL Coaches, a chance to be with his boy CSP, SEC West, he supposedly prefers a smaller college town, etc., he will be calling the Hogs!! Wishful thinking I know, but also a real possibility!

Would be awesome Brother,fingers crossed!

Richard what’s your gut feeling on this? Do you think we have a pretty good shot?

I would say Ga. but you never count out Sam.

Kind of what I thought. But once he gets here maybe Sam’s magic can sway him.

That DB from Rivals, Mike Farrell threw cold water on it immediately and basically dissed Arkansas. But he hates on the Hogs all the time, so…

The kid committed to CSP back in 2018 so clearly he loves him some CSP to want to reach out to him and visit. Some kids, it is not all about the W’s, it is about being coached the right way so that you have a great chance at the next level. You get coached the right way and it shows on the filed then you will be found by the NFL, no matter what the school is. Get him to campus first…then see what happens!

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