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Wealth of information here this morning! Come on guys, Throw your subscribers a bone!

What else is there to report? Gus may be coming he may not be. Everything to this point has been speculated on a million times…The only fact right now is some ball somewhere is in someone’s court somewhere.

Well I appreciate you getting back to me but you would think Matt or Clay would have provided that info to us,

Perfect assessment of the situation.

I am afraid if we keep waiting on Malazan some of the other coaches on our wish list will be hired somewhere else.

It’s also a fact that Gus’s bi-polar cousin Source keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth.

:lol: :lol:

Bi polar may run in the family! It seems like from all of Gus’s comments with a mic in front of him he may end up with the highest bidder. His record in a 3 year time period isn’t much better than CBB’s. I’d be safe to speculate that whatever happens it may turn out that we end up with another flop and bad decision being made by idiots in charge that know nothing about football.
Veneables in my opinion is the best choice of all the coaches that have been mentioned and he may end up right back at Clemson! Who ever we end up with our fan base will eat them up and spit them out in 3 years. We no longer have Coach Broyles making decisions on our coaches and the maybe they need to consult with The younger Broyles and put him in the AD spot maybe he has some majic too!
Clay and Matt will not report any rumor until it’s fact. Unlike others in the reporting business.

I’m working my phone this morning. I’ve got some leads, but nothing concrete yet. I’m not going to post anything on here until I feel it is 100 percent correct. If that puts me behind someone else, so be it, but I don’t want to give bad or incomplete information.

I hope to have an update soon.

I really hope you can say CBS’ report is false, but I have a feeling it’s not

He’s already said auburn is we’re he want to be at. Why can’t we move on after he has said this publicly!? If we pay more money to get him, I think it’s a slap in arks face cause we are paying for him to come, and not him wanting to come home on his own. This does not show a coach the bleeds red and is a true Razorback

I can think of many coaches who said they want to be somewhere one day and ended up somewhere else soon after.

See dan Mullen, as the latest example.

Coach talk peopl, coach talk.

Yes, I have to, just nice to hear the truth, guess it a hard position to be in.

Yep, so did fisher, Frost did it the right way.

No coach is going to sit in a postgame press conference and say they are going to entertain other offers. It’s a terrible time to ask the question, but I understand why the question has to be asked.

Frost did it the right way.

ESPN however did not, releasing that info during the game before he got to talk to his team… exactly what I would expect from a classless network like ESPN.

Uh-oh, I agree with you on this

I suspect someone at Nebraska leaked the information during the game. Also, ESPN was not the first to report it. It just confirmed what was reported elsewhere.

Then I change my stance.

Just kidding…