Just a thought on our ball club

If we are to have a good year then:
Dusty has got to start hitting his threes

Barford has got to play up to expectations

Cook needs to step up big.

And Kingsley needs to realize he is not an NBA player and just play and let the game come to him. He has had at least a half of every game where he tries to do to much, forces things and looks like he is playing drunk. Could not afford to let Florida jump out by 10 in the first half and he contributed to that happening as much as anyone.

We have been unable to cause turnovers with our press and we get lost in our man defense. We have several good basketball players with more talent than we have in years but seem unable to play the type of ball CMA wants to play at this time. If we continue to play the style we are Im not sure they will get settled in to be effective enough each week against tougher teams IMHO . I’ll be rooting for them regardless of how we play because that’s what Razorback fans do !! WPS

I think cook has really improved. Playing better than Thomas right. Really hustles, hits a shot or two, remember canning 4 free throws against Texas.