Just a side note FWIW

Considering the latest upheaval of transfers and such…
The Razorbacks accomplished some mighty MIGHTY goals this season.
The U of Arkansas is once again a PROUD DAMN NATION/UNIVERSITY.
To do that takes work HARD WORK and grit and determination and love and Prayers.
Another great and very important principle is coaching and training. The statement IRON sharpens IRON has been used vocally around camp possibly too much to where it’s lost it’s true , power and meaning. You might get your feelings hurt. You might get a little upset. Or you might get mad as hell (not a curse word) but you learn, you grow you mature and you accomplish!
The hardest part is over, why not stick around and enjoy the spoils! GHG!


Another side note that could be a factor here. Maybe the fact that we are recruiting more secondary players with more length and speed to improve depth and competition and talent at those positions could be a factor in this instance. Instant gratification doesn’t occur for every athlete on our roster. Maybe just Maybe it’s a case of trying to recruit better talent and speed at those positions. Food for thought instead of this the sky is falling mentality that seems to be the response by most on social media. Unless any of us has actually been in the position room and know what’s been said by both coaches and players, then we may be only hearing one side of the situation. Irregardless it’s the head coaches job to deal with legitimate issues of his staff not those of us on social media platforms of all types which in many cases is not always accurate

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Also a very possible factor Tusk3. Thanks.

Yes thanks Tusk…

Clay, how dare you inject a note of sanity into the raining down of chunks of sky around here? :rofl:

This too shall pass. There will be kids in the portal every year that you’d rather not lose, but at some point kids will start to realize there aren’t 5,000 openings out there and it’s a game of musical scholarships that a lot of them are going to lose. Foucha and Malik and Brooks will find spots, but some of them may not. My expectation is that transfer season in the future will slow to a simmer instead of explosive decompression.

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and we keep forgetting how far over the 85 limit we were from the covid year. We HAD to lose a LOT of players. That or not sign any new players. Brooks and Foucha hurt, but I don’t think anyone would tag them as irreplaceable. Neither were true corners, which is what we really need.

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Finally, after a good night’s sleep, some common sense is coming back to the board,lol. As I said in another thread, this could be addition by subtraction. How many times did the game thread melt down when Foucha and Brooks got beat deep this season?

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