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Not always, but often there are reasons why kids don’t end up at Arkansas whether it be academics, character, just not the right fit, etc.

It’s not always about the kid choosing to go elsewhere.

Since Robert Scott just committed to FSU, he’s none of the above. Great kid.

Wish him the best… Can understand him leaving since he really wasn’t ever a fan.

I hope he does well, especially since he’s not going to a team we’ll face (barring some bowl), but my attitude toward him is the same as it is toward any kid who chooses to go elsewhere despite a UA offer. I wish him no ill, but I don’t want him or anyone else to cheer for him because “he’s an Arkansas kid.” I no longer view him as that. I view him as a Florida kid playing in the state & for the school he chose. I’ll view him like I do all his teammates & all the kids playing for any other D1 school. No ill will, no special support.

If he is not a Razorback, I don’t even care to know his name. Gone and forgotten.

Mr. Scott has been nothing other than straightforward and professional, so even though we needed him badly, good luck young man. I know the guy “on the other channel “ was pretty optimistic yesterday and not so much this morning and now we know. They have done some great recruiting and I am thrilled with who chose and will chose our Hogs.

Don’t know how it will end, but it would nice for the sprint to the finish line to add gold medal athletes. I have followed recruiting starting with Dave Campbell’s, the Arkansas magazine (pre-Hooten’s) and magazines like Deep South Recruiting and can’t remember the other. I supplemented this with a Gazette subscription (through the mail, before on-line was around), so I have seen a lot kids names through the process. By the way had Gazette mailed to me in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas. I believe my portfolio for retirement would be significantly larger if one could get their Razorback expenses back. Money well spent, even though some board members may say different!

It is too bad to see this happening but we were behind the 8 ball due to the last staff showing him essentially no interest. Now, some of that may be that he indicated he wanted to go out of state but we were behind the 8 ball nonetheless. He is moving on and so be it and all the best.

Once CSP and staff have a full year to recruit, lookout!

Robert Scott.


Who knew he had never been outside the state of Arkansas. Had never seen a palm tree, wanted new Free Shoes Ultimately, And wanted to matriculate in a city with high crime.

Now he will see a painted Student dressed in Indian gear, throwing a ignited spear in the field! He has truly been deprived!!!

Let the good times roll! He likes Newell, because he went to school at UCA in Conway? What a sales job. There are other places than Arkansas. Transfer Portal look out.

I must say I am a little surprised at the negativity (both obvious and veiled) tossed at this young man in this thread and in the “announcement” thread. We should be big enough to accept a young man’s decision, especially when I have not seen any apparent effort to disparage the State, the University, or its fans by him. I do not know the young man or his family…but from afar it seems he has conducted himself very well. And I think that is at least part of what RD is trying to tell us.

I think most of this comes from the quote attributed to his mother that I think was retold and (likely) taken out of context. I think–like any good mother–she only wanted what was best for her son and encouraged him to make an informed decision and if the decision was to attend the U of A that she would support it. That is what I took from the quote.

I think CSP and his staff made up a lot of ground but it just wasn’t quite enough. Admittedly if it had been OM it would have been tougher for me. They may not be that great at this exact moment…but with numerous Top 5 final rankings and 3 NC’s in the last 30 years (the ESPN era if you will) FSU’s on field success dwarfs ours–SEC or no SEC. To lose a recruit to them is no disgrace.

These highly recruited players can only sign one place and so top programs are losing out all the time. But the hope is that you win more than you lose…and by so doing slowly gain an advantage. I think with CSP and this staff we now have a chance to do that. But we need to accept that “losing out” on top recruits is just part of the process if you are going to hunt big game.


Hope he likes riding the bench for the next few years.

I think the ignited spear is what got him.

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But he would’ve started as a freshman and be an All American as a sophomore at Arkansas?

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It baffles me whenever a Hog target goes elsewhere, our fans start with the negative comments.
I’m going to assume that the overwhelming majority of posters are adults and that’s very disappointing to see adults behave like this when a teenager makes a decision that they feel is best for them.


He would have had a better shot at early playing time here. Oh. what am I saying. Mr. Scott is a sure fire four year starter and future NFL Hall of Famer there at FSU. I guess he was just over looked by BAMA, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, and most other SEC teams.

Well He’s a well built high 3 star prospect with multiple sec offers? And other schools send kids to the draft besides those You mentioned… so

Our world champion baton twirler generally lights both ends of two batons and twirls them. The dude on the horse can’t match that.


Probably not as pretty either!

I called my daughter today & told her the good news that an Arkansas recruit had picked FSU over us, she is a big FSU fan born & raised in Florida…
So no animosity at all towards the kid, but can you accept the fact that we never “lost out” on something we never had?
In reports from this website, he said he NEVER was a fan of the Razorbacks, I tend to agree that he just wanted a free trip & some catfish @ the Catfish Hole!!! LOL

From what I’ve read, it seems CSP and the staff did a good job of trying to convince him to come here.

Scott has other plans. I wish him well.

Agree. Hall of Fame for sure.