Just a reminder of how good we have it

Watch a little of the USC live stream of the baseball game. It’s a reminder of how good we have it watching stuff on the SEC Network produced by each school. This is not very good in any way. Bad camera work. Poor job by the Internet announcers. Yuck.

You can believe we are in the best conference to cover our sports. I just wish they put the effort on baseball that they do for football.
Proud of the SEC network. I don’t always like the announcers.

I was just thinking the same thing Clay.

None better than the SEC!

Yeah it’s pretty bad.

Also shocked at how unimpressive USCs stadium looks from what little bit we get to see.

I agree. I’m watching this stream from USC and I didn’t want
to just come out and say it sucked, but it really does. I guess
I’m just spoiled on the streams in the SEC.

In the SEC… it just means more. Yes indeed.

It’s a decent college baseball stadium

The bigger SEC stadiums are just on a whole other level.

What is impressive here is that left field wall where they list their 21 CWS and 12 National Championships.

But none lately

Yeah that’s pretty impressive.

Just makes you realize the difference in the SEC and other conferences though. I’d expect a 12 time NC school to have one of the most impressive stadiums out there, especially in LA. Looks like it would be a bottom of the pac SEC stadium.

Funny . . . I’ve been watching the game and not following this thread. Just came over for a minute and this is the same conversation i was having by text with my Dallas area Hog buddy. I said it’s amazing that little old backwoods Arkansas laps big, Los Angles media school USC by a factor of about 10 to 1 in quality of game presentation. The difference is stunning.

For a west coast school, SC’s baseball stadium is better than most. But it’s not like any in the SEC.

Their announcer’s seemed a bit in awe of Arkansas and I think the USC team did too… let’s sweep and give them even more reason to pause.

That was the only thing I liked about them. They were complimentary of our program & the strength of SEC baseball. I wish they’d learn how to pronounce Opitz.

Surely they did better than calling Shaddy, Shady.

Yeah, I guess it was better than “Shady” but he kept calling him “O’ PITTS” like it was an Irish name. The announcers were better tonight. I don’t know if it was the same two, but at least they pronounced his name right.