Just a question but

what state did CBB leave the program in?

Not just 1 point but a few.

A dumpster fire? Or how would you explain it?

Worse than what he inherited

Darius Philon
Trey Flowers
Tevin Mitchel
Deatrich Wise
Brandon Alllen
Jonathan Williams
Keon Hatcher
Travis Swanson
Robert Thomas
Chris Smith
Zach Hocker

I look at the players at key positions above and am confident in saying the players CMM is inheriting are not as talented as this core of players.

Bielema wrecked the program and this program is an after thought in the SEC and a non entity from a national standpoint.

I don’t think that is fair or accurate. Won’t be able to properly assess the talent left behind until 4 or 5 years from now, but I do believe there is quite a bit of talent in the skill positions and he did bring some much needed stability to the program. I think you will also see Hayden, Agim, Froholdt and Pulley all play in the NFL (and probably a couple other guys that have yet to play). Years 2-4 were 3 bowl appearances and for the most part we competed well with everyone except for of course Alabama.

I will agree with you that it was time for #uncommon to go, but he didn’t wreck the program. The motorcycle antics of Petrino and Coach Smile did that.

What many seem to forget is that Brets beat teams were full of talent that he didn’t recruit. His best team had some significant impact players he was gift wrapped.

While I think the overall talent level Chad is inheriting may be about the same as Bret, maybe slightly better, the depth is the glaring issue. Our OL, DL are just plain pathetic. That’s going to be hard to handle for Chad.

Now, from a national view standpoint? Way worse than when Bret took the job. We were only 2 years removed from cotton and sugar bowl appearances, and many knew we had what it took to compete. Bret ruined that. We now have lost what little respect we had with the media/outside view of the program. We are seen as a joke, as a Vandy or Kentucky. Really pisses me off, and they should have gotten rid of Bret after Year 4. But, you live and you learn.

I hope Chad can get it done( but he walked into a mess, regardless of how we want to sugar coat it.

As to a response to the poster above me, I’ve seen this multiple times and I have to ask, what in the world are we talking about when we say that Bret brought stability to the program?

Stability of being mediocre? Definitely. It job stability. This is one that has constantly baffled me, I haven’t seen any stability that he offered. If you are in and out in 5, there was no added stability.

Stability in terms of we had 2 coaches in 2 years and transfers/players washing out left and right. I know no one cares about “student-athletes”, but players graduated and GPA rose dramatically under Bielema. Stability in terms of the fact you didn’t have the HC sleeping around with just graduated alums and provided them with cushy jobs in the athletic department over 100s of more deserving candidates.

From a national viewpoint we are regarded now as we were after Coach Smile - a afterthought, a bottom feeder in the SEC West. BB did some good things, he did some bad things that got him deservedly fired, but I think overall we are in better shape than what he inherited. There is no scandal, the facilities and support system is in place, there is young talent coming back in the defense (I forgot to mention Briston Guidry earlier who I really like), there are a lot of speed and weapons at RB, WR and I still like our TEs.

This is honestly something that has to be evaluated in 3-4 years, but Bret wasn’t the disaster you guys are making him out to be.

You make some valid points. I still personally don’t think it means he brought stability. The program isn’t in my mind stable right now.

As far as Bret not being the disaster we think he is, I don’t hate Bret, but I like to take things at face value. When you put together his media hype, previous success, and what all he said he would do some short 5 years ago, he was more than a disaster. He ended up being one of, if not the worst coaches in Razorback history. I know that’s hard for many to accept because they like him as a person, and sure he seems like a nice guy, but that facts are there, he was really bad. As far as Bret as a person, I will not say anything and about him as a man. I will however refer to the fact that he only became humble as he started losing. The thing I remember is the first two years, hearing how much of a jerk he was to many people who met him, as well as his pedigree from Wisconsin that also said he was a jerk. There were issues that we forget, but I understand that for every 1 that didn’t like him, there were probably 5 that did.

Toward the end, he seemed like a great, humble man. We all grow and change.

But at the end of the day, you coach for my razorbacks, you better do well, because I don’t care who you are.

I never cared for some of his comments either, but for the most part I was meh whatever. I still think disaster is to much, but you are entitled to your opinion. From year 2 until the last 2 games of year 4 it seemed we were on the upswing. What if we don’t pull off colossal collapses against Missouri and Va Tech? That puts us at 9-4 and it would have probably bought him another year (God forbid). Where would be if Pittman hadn’t moved on? Facts are he did leave so I realize that is moot.

Along the lines of losing Pittman I will say that his OL recruiting and it’s play was a TOTAL DISASTER (that I agree).

Yes, the what ifs, who knows. But year 4 was such a poorly coached team, you could see from the ups and downs.

But had he won 9, he’d absolutely be here.

His OL, what e was touted for was just too awful, that we definitely agree on. Hiring a coffee fetcher from the NFL didn’t help, an assistant to an assistant.

I think Bret knows where his mistakes were made. Unwilling to adapt and realize his brand was never going to work here was the number one problem.

I started to dive into this post. I actually wrote seven paragraphs, then decided to delete it. Doesn’t make any sense to keep doing this. There are some things that Bret fixed with the program. There are things he didn’t fix. Players were held accountable for class room attendance and improved their grades. I think Bret held them accountable as far as drug tests, too. What Bobby did or did not do in those two areas is up for debate, but I know Bret wanted it done right. If you didn’t handle your personal business off the field right, you were going to be in Bret’s doghouse. I don’t know that it was anything like that under Petrino.

We all know the differences between wins and losses. But I think when you were around the program, you noticed the difference in character that was on Bret’s team versus Bobby’s team.

I have heard many say they don’t care if they were bad actors or not as long as they didn’t shoot anyone, just win. Get the thug quotion up and you will win, right. You set your standards. That’s fine. Mine are different than that.

Thank you, Clay, for your perspective. Would have liked to have read the seven paragraphs. That said, what’s past is past. Let’s look to the future.

I too would like to see those 7 paragraphs from Clay, but understand. That is past, but I do think it is important to know where Coach Morris is starting. Perhaps Clay and few others know. I doubt the rest of us know. We know what we saw on the field last fall and it was bad. No other way to say it (lucky to beat Coastal Carolina at home for gosh sakes). Was that due to poor coaching or lack of talent? To me, the talent level looks way off from what we need in the SEC (sure can’t understand how he let the lines get so down). We do not look like an SEC team when we take the field, but at least we are slow.

We see all of this hurting this seasons class. I am sure there are some good guys in it and the new staff has worked hard, but it is long way from what is needed in the SEC. That will hurt going forward and cannot be laid on this staff.

We are in a big hole that is going to be very difficult to climb out. We have heard it before, but the only way out is recruiting. Somehow, that must step up. We are even below ole miss with all of their problems. How is that?

Yes the past is the past. Not meaning to run over BB, back up and run over him again.

But if you fail to completely understand History you are possibly doomed to repeat History thus fail again.

As one simple example BB failed to understand the word Texas. As in recruiting…

I too would have liked to read the deleted thoughts. Another one would be the OL. Missing numbers, or failure to evaluate.

Clay’s answer is appreciated and valued.

I’ll chime in… BB left it better than he found it, but I’m glad he’s gone (nothing personal).

I’m in the vast minority, but Long’s biggest mistake was Petrino. We were warned about him from all over. We are still paying for it.

When I said the past is past, I never said don’t learn from it. But we should not live in it, either.

No one wants to hear it but Bielema failed because of the huge churn in the program. When you lose 54 players from the '11-'14 recruiting classes (NOT due to graduation or going pro) that is a huge hole to fill.

His last few classes attempted to do that but obviously didn’t soon enough.

But there is talent, and, ironically, a lot of it is on the defensive side of the ball. They have All SEC caliber players at each level (Agim, Scoota, Pulley) and a few others who could rise to that level (Greenlaw, Curl, Ramsey).

On offense, they have fewer established guys but more depth in terms of potential breakout guys.

I think the roster is in much better shape than what Bielema inherited. He inherited a few pros and then the roster fell off of a cliff and out of the program.

a good state of the football program article would be appreciated. colorado said he would love to read clays 7 paragraphs but understands why he deleted it. Also said insiders probably know but we never will. i don’t care to slam coach b or what he did or did not do, glad he emphasized character and going to class. that is not what I’m looking for.

well, not trying to cause any controversy, but isn’t that what we are supposed to get from insiders? a realistic, where we are right now in terms of talent, scheme, etc? i realize we haven’t had one practice yet, and insiders will have a better grasp on where we are after spring ball.

so far all we hear is coach speak, understandable. we need team speed. we signed more defensive than offensive players. those things are obvious. we need better talent everywhere

from what i read we are ok at receiver, would like a taller receiver or two but our numbers are fine at that position.
we are ok at running back.

we addressed glaring issues at safety, still more to do there.
we are ok at cornerback.
we are ok at tight end and fullback.

QB, who knows if we have anyone on campus that can run this offense.

we are still deficient at offensive line, woefully so. i understand we have 3 or 4 from instate that will be highly ranked for 2019 at this position, time to build that wall. (hope he has more success than our president, walls seem hard to build these days)
we are still deficient at rush end for a 4-3 scheme.
still need speed and help at linebacker
we always need defensive tackles.

and who the heck knows about special teams. we need a kickoff and a field goal kicker in the worst way.
punter, who knows.

I think we have a FG kicker now. Limpert was very good once he had the job (8-9 FGs, 3-4 from beyond 40) and was onions at Ole Miss.

Clearly, BOTH lines are decimated and not up to SEC standards. The skill players are quite good. LB is still a work in progress. Safety was a consistent issue. CB has some solid talent.

When CBB was hired I didn’t know what to think. It came out of nowhere. Along the way I became a huge CBB fan for many of the reasons Clay mentioned. One thing that stands out about CBB to me is him going out on the field to check on every injured player - every single time. That spoke (to me) volumes about how much he cared for his players. I believe he is a good man.

But in big time football winning is required to stay employed. And with the money being paid Power 5 coaches - it should be. It was painfully obvious the past two years that CBB had made major mistakes in hiring assistants, recruiting and coaching. It flat out didn’t work for Bret.

My hope is that CCM will have the same good qualities as CBB but recruit, coach and hire top notch assistants. I’m impressed with his hires - especially the Chief and Steve Caldwell. This first recruiting class was not (obviously) a great start but as Dudley stated there are some positives in the class. I love the fact that he is all over Texas which was one of the downfalls of CBB.

Only time will tell. One thing is for sure we are due a nice run.

You win in the SEC with tackles. Better be good on both sides of the ball there. I’ve told you guys that for years. This team lacks not only good tackles but depth there. That’s what has to be fixed. When it’s fixed, Chad Morris will have some fun. I think conditioning is an emphasis now. This team will lose weight in some areas and get a bit faster. I’ve got an interesting piece tomorrow that gives an old-time take on that.

As far as ripping up either Petrino, Bielema or some of their assistants, I’m not going to do that. They are mostly all gone. I’ve rehashed some of that before here. I wrote on some of that in December. I did not take any personal shots, as some have done.

I detailed the needs as far as defensive speed. This team has ached for competent and speedy linebackers and safeties. It lacks talent and depth at all areas of defense. It’s been that way for about 10 years.