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Burks is a instate “Generational Talent” in the mold of Darren McFadden. Baylor had a similar dominant receiver under Kendal Briles.

The problem (In My Opinion) is that Arkansas other Big WR don’t command a double team. Woods is excellent in crossing routes but not a lot of yards after catch.

Baylor’s bread and butter when the OFFENSE was clicking was sideline to sideline passes with WR’s/Athletes who could juke you out of your underoos!! Once that first man missed it was 10-15 yds later.

This forced the defensive backs to bump & run on the sidelines…that opened up the entire field like the dead sea for a athletic qb. If Franks had those kind of holes he would probably average 100yds a game on the ground.

Briles realizes its not about finding another Boo Williams, Greg Child’s or Sparky Hamilton who made thier living 25-30yds down the field but rather a George Wilson, Joe Adams, Jarius Wright types that can make you miss when the defensive player is in position.

Again just my opinion.

I agree.

I think the four incoming 2021 WRs , some of who will be early enrollees (plus redshirting OU transfer Jaquayln Crawford) are going to play, play a lot and make significant impacts.

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I think there was hope for TJ Hammonds in that role. Quickness and speed. He showed that against LSU and that’s the kind of stuff you are talking about. True athletic ability.

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This is only the first year. The offensive line needs much more development and depth, as does the WR corps. The running back room has been hampered by injury all year, and now by opt-out. We lost the Auburn game by official incompetence/malfeacance and the LSU game because the defensive line was gone. We can be fully competetive in a normal year. Keep in mind that fully competetive in the SEC west can range from a conference record of 8-0 (once every 20 years) to 2-6, with an a normal of 4-4.

Thought TJ might get more touches. Against LSU he had 1 rush for 30 yards and 1 reception for 50 yards. Not bad he must be totally healthy now.

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Sam will handle all of these issues going forward. It’s amazing what he and the staff has done with this roster. The O-line plays hard, but it’s still the area that needs the biggest talent infusion. O-line play is more than talent. It’s knowing what to do and what everyone else is going to do on every play. They are in a new system. They have done some things better, but they still can’t knock people off the ball. That is the key to playing football – that’s on both sides of the ball.

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I agree Euro. The biggest concern for next year however, has to be QB.

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Yes, QB is always where you start, but if the O-line improves, will be smooth sailing for the next QB. I think getting to a spring practice will help the O-line.

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Losing Warren diminished our ability to work the sidelines. He had the speed and athleticism to create big plays. Hammond might be able to do much of the ground game. He had a great day against LSU. I know that he has played sparingly, but he added a big spark with his long reception and long run and I think that he can play 15-20 snaps with good results. The play calling will have to adjust to his skill set. If they use him in a power run offense, I doubt that our o line can open enough holes for his rushing yardage to keep from us from playing behind the sticks. He should be a very good asset in the passing game and should be able to make some yardage on jet sweeps.

I hate that Boyd opted out, but COVID should scare all of us.

While this team still has some things to work on, we still have some good players that the previous coaches did not use or would put them in situations where failure was likely. Pitman and his staff does a much better job of play calling. They utilize their players better and the team believes they can win.

I think that we have a good shot at beating Missouri and that would make year 1 a great success. That would make 4 wins (without counting Auburn and Tennessee ). Almost all of the pundits thought we would win 0-2 games. Few fans thought that we would be much better. Kudos to Coach Pittman, his staff and the players who went through football hell for the last 3 years.

I think you count Tennessee in the four. They won that one on the field. If you count Auburn, Missouri would make five. I thought your post was on target otherwise. Agree on your points, especially Warren with his speed and athleticism.

I think we will miss Franks as QB next year as he is the key to our offense so far. Oline needs upgrading and hopefully that is coming but with new QB to groom , there will still be a learning curve , even with better receivers on way ? and need for better running backs!. Talent and speed is needed to keep upward trajectory building on this season. Talent and speed would make biggest impact on the not so special teams of this year as well.

Pitt Boss will get that O-Line right! We have to keep in mind that this is the same O-Line that the OC at Auburn had and they are night and day from last year…

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