Just a little better FT shooting

or a little better officiating and we win this game. Encouraged by what I saw. Should be a fun season.

Texas went 9 minutes without scoring in the 2nd half. No way we should have lost this game. Texas tried to let us have it…we wouldn’t take it.

Joe is going to have to be our go to scorer, but are going to have to have someone else to help him…We will need to develop a couple of other guys who can make a bucket when we need it.

This is so frustrating…first a missed foul ball for the National Championship, then we lose our quarterback and best running back in the Ole Miss game and miss our only chance to win an SEC game this year. Finally, Texas can’t make anything the whole 2 half. They shoot pathetically bad…then their guy stuffs a 25 footer at the end of regulation after Gafford misses the free throw.

A black cloud is following us around. Somebody get out the voo doo dolls and the pins.

FTs. And the refs kept them in it. I’ll get called a whiner but they did.

No idea why we didn’t foul at end of regulation. Coaches blow my mind with that. But if you aren’t fouling, Bailey has to be out there. Just a horrible possession.

Gafford hurt us down the stretch. He was gassed. No reason to leave his feet on Ramey. Missed a key rebound late. He’s great but needed to finish them. I worry because FTs are already in his head. They look good, mostly but he is expecting to miss. The one that would have clinched it looked good but was in and out.

There were so many chances to finish it. The Gafford FT. The garbage goaltend. The tie ball (if we had the arrow). The blocked shot with 10 seconds left that went right to them. Even the charge on Jones was huge.

I like the team, though. Lots to like. They pass well. They block out. They play good defense. Need one more shooter.

Harris struggled at times but has good vision. He’s going to have to knock down some shots.

Defense isn’t rewarded anymore and it’s frustrating. Then Gafford gets mugged on the last shot and no call.

This hurts because it would’ve been an unexpected resume win. Wish we had Phillips tonight. Could have pulled Jones who really hurt us.

Kinda looks the same to me. This program is not moving forward.

Oh good God.

And we gave up a 20-0 run in the first half. 15-7 turned into 15-27. Just fix 2 things and this is going to be a good team. 1. The easiest thing in the game of basketball, free throw shooting. And 2. Mike has to figure out how to get some bench points (25-4, TX). Maybe start Gabe or Chaney and let Adrio come in as the 6th man. By the way, Bailey had a nice game tonight. 8 points on 4-5 FGs and 5 boards. Maybe starting will get Chaney going on offense. He would benefit from his man helping defensively on Gafford.

team plays very hard,don’t see many guys that can create their own shot and penetrate but Texas D may be that good,we will see. could have won by 10 as bad as Texas shot the ball.have to find someway to make FT’s, not real sure we have the shooters but I guess we will find out.shoulda coulda game.

So, point out to me how much we have progressed in the last seven years. We just got beat by a mediocre team. Same as it ever was.

https://twitter.com/razorbackmbb/status … 33665?s=21

Click the link. Speaks volumes and shows you’re just flat out, objectively wrong. Otherwise, I’m not gonna even argue with someone who posts something like that. It’s not worth the time.

In the last 6 years we are 3rd in the SEC in overall wins, SEC wins, etc, and have gone from not going to the NCAAT to going regularly.

And, we had 10 new guys and just outplayed a team with more talent (on paper) and more experience.

It really doesn’t matter what stats I cite or improvements I mention. If you think the program looks or has looked anything like it did when MA took over you’ve made up your mind and are remarkably uninformed.

I agree with most of your post. Don’t understand why you would say “Jones really hurt us” though.

He was 2-5 3’s until the last desperation heave. Was our 2nd highest rebounder (6), 3-4 FTs, and double digit points. He also had a nice drive and 1 that the ref turned into a charging call. Without that awful call, we probably win the game. He had a couple bad turnovers (4 total), but who on our team didn’t? Gafford had 6, Joe had 4, and Chaney had 3 in very limited minutes. Texas has a very good defense, which caused some of those TO’s, but certainly not all. Anyway, I thought he played pretty good all things considered. Just needs to cut down on TOs and not miss anymore bunnies at the goal.

We have a young talented team for staters!
This young hogs team will improve and only get better. Appreciate the fact that Arkansas has not been nor will be mentioned in the pay for play junk in college basketball.

Mason played better down the stretch but felt like he really pressed midway through 1st half when Tx made their run. He missed a wide open layup and then fouled to give up FTs.

He shot 3-10 on the night, had 4 turnovers and had 4 fouls. Maybe saying he hurt us was a tad harsh but I thought he really struggled and forced things in the 1st half.

Yes, that link clears is up. This program is now back on the level where we want it to be. You may be happy with it but I am not. Nolan spoiled me.

The link I posted completely blows his assertion out of the water. I’m sure that’s why he hasn’t responded. I’m sure he will be back with some really sure of himself Year 8 post that isn’t backed up by anything.

If you want to criticize MA and say you’re disappointed we haven’t won more when it counts in the NCAAT that’s valid.

But saying we are no different as a program than we were 7 years ago is just patently absurd.

On cue.

No one says we are where we want to be.

That’s not what you said, though. You said you see no difference in where we are and where we were 7 years ago and that’s laughable.

How come the defense gets no credit when the other team can’t score? Three’s can vary a lot in that the same shots can fall and not fall on a given night, but they were 11 of 36 on deuces. Might the future NBA center have had something to do with that? This team is much longer on the perimeter this year. We are going to contest jump shots better than we have in a long time.

Yes we are longer and will contest but when it counted we left too much room on a wide open 3 to tie the game. The defense was spotty in the first half and pretty good in the second half. The refs allowed Texas to hammer us and called the fouls on our end. The phantom goal tend! That’s all that keep the horns in the game.
Youthful mistakes cost in this game. Turnovers and players taking shots and driving whom shouldn’t be! Gabe took a 3 and the next possession drive for another wasted possession. There’s no excuse for the horrible free throw shooting.
One thing for sure 7 years ago we didn’t have this much talent. Give this team a few more games and they will come on and close games like this one out for the win!

Nolan spoiled a lot of us, we all love & miss him, but in today’s game half the team would foul out if we still played Nolan’s style of defense.
As for this game, these youngsters fought hard till the end & we are talking about some guys fresh out of high school. TX had an experienced team with 4 returning starters.
Think positive man.