Just a guess: Most Hog Fans

I don’t have any real numbers. This is just a guess. But there were not many Texas fans at the game. Hence, I believe that was most Arkansas fans in the stadium by a decent margin. SEC teams brought more fans than Texas.

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One media report I scanned gave a TX figure at 3,800. Great turnout no matter what.

SEC teams have traveled more than that. And I don’t believe there were 3,800 Texas fans last night.

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You know, walking around the tailgates and such, I was thinking they must have bought a lot of the tickets after the single game tickets went on sale, but I agree, 3500 at tops. I don’t think we reserved all of Sec 120 like we do for SEC teams, we sold the top 2/3rds to Hog fans from the get go.

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it surprised me that the attendance was only 74k and change. I was thinking we were going to set a record with the increase in seating. Loudest crowd since 2010 Alabama.

I wasn’t there last night. But the two loudest crowds I experienced since the expansion were Bama 2010 and Ole Miss 2016, which was also called by Joe Tessitore. For anyone there for both, how did last night compare with OM '16?

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Arkansas did not have to offer as many tickets as it does for an SEC game. The contract called for Texas to receive 3,500 tickets. I think SEC teams have to be reserved 6,000.

It was really loud last night. So many exciting moments, too. Students were amazing. I have thought for some time that the north end zone noise would change things. Might have realized that last night.


I don’t have any memory of the Ole Miss game. Maybe I wasn’t there. But I do remember the Bama game. I thought last nights crowd was better (louder and crazier) than the Bama crowd.

I still think a game in WMS (South Carolina) was the loudest I have ever attended.

I agree Clay. It probably sounded louder on the field because of the enclosure. Imagine the young Texas QB those first couple of series.

It was about 1-1 or 2-1 Arkansas in the upper deck on west side. A lot of orange around me and red shirts with orange horns. I’ve sat in my exact same seats for 23 years and this was the most opponent around me that I can remember for non conference since TCU.

I sat in the lower NE Corner (E102) and the majority of the people below me were wearing that disgusting orange color. They got pretty quiet early… there was a Texas fan and his friend, an A&M fan wearing a Razorback shirt, in front of me… that was fun. WPS!!

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The only thing I can say about last night is the crowd was never quiet. We were in it all night long. Ears rang most of the time. So if you can monitor the average decibel level for an entire game, I’d say last night was up there. I was at both games you mention and OM was up and down noise and really people just recall the end. Bama was loud. Texas is 04 was loud as was Florida in 02? Granted both were before the expansion. Well sorta. Florida was after the sez and east upper expansion. Maybe it’s all relative. Idk. Last night was just fun. Refs stayed out of it. Fans were relatively fun and engaged without being too intoxicated. Want more games like last night. My only complaint is lines are terrible. If the UA wants to make money off concessions it needs to fire whoever is in charge.

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I thought you could hear it when Texas would make a big play. From my seat I can’t see the upper deck, but it was obvious there were quite a bit more Texas fans there than in the visitor section.

North end zone had some empty seats and had about 6 Texas fans total around me. The stadium was loud, really loud. Even between plays and media timeouts, there was a constant humm and noise level, just palpable energy the Entire game. Jefferson had to quiet the crowd when he was trying to call plays, over and over, the entire game. Even when Hornsby came in, he had to quiet the crowd. Just a great great game

My longhorn friends were impressed by the noise, and our lines. The only player they knew before the game was catalon. And the officials just let the game play, for the most part.

Great game. Can’t wait to get home and watch the broadcast

Muss and the basketball players were there, lovin life.

I went into the club area a couple times, my head was about to explode from my yelling and the stadium noise. Unlike the rice game, almost NO ONE was in there. But in the quiet, my ears were ringing loudly. Just a great game.



It was a great game and a tonic the fan base needed and can build on


The best Horn shot of the night was a lady looking down at her lap and fingers in ears… that should be on a shirt.


My seats are in Section 121. 120 of course is the “visitors” section. But there were quite a few Texas fans in 121. The one right behind me was actually a nice guy (he left in the 3rd quarter). The ones right beside us were OK. The ones behind us and over a few? They were jerks. One of them actually pushed (hard) a Hog fan, My wife kind of caught the Hog fan or he might have really gotten hurt. I went and got a usher and the police came and took the Texas fan out.


I’d guesstimate there were more than 3,500 UT fans there, but nowhere near the number of fans ‘Bama brings. We had a pretty good number around us in Section E122. I’m convinced there are some ‘Bama fans that buy season tix to Arkansas games just to have for their one game every other year. I’ve seen the same ‘Bama fans in a pair near us for years, but every other game is just random people. And these are not cheap seats.

As for loudness, the ‘Bama game in 2010 was the loudest I’ve ever heard anywhere anytime. I was honestly afraid parts of the stadium would have cracks with how much people were jumping around. This game yesterday was really, really close. And I’d echo that it was pretty well sustained, so one could argue was a better crowd. I wish we could have more of the “Arkansas” and “Razorbacks” back and forth. When it happened last night it was towards the end of the game. There was so much partying going on that it may have lost some of its volume, but that’s my favorite.

The Ole Miss game in 2016 was good, but didn’t match these two.

According to my daughter sitting in the student section, the only time the students around her ever sat down was between quarters and halftime. She said it was “insane” and that a lot of pent-up frustration (C19 and years of losing (football)) was released during the Texas beat down.
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