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Days like these are when I will never fully understand why I have gotten to stay on the earth nearly 14,000 days after I should have died while so many good people like my mom, dad, brother, wife, mother in law, niece, best friend and so may others did not get to live their full lives. I didn’t get to play third base for the St. Louis Cardinals, point guard for the Boston Celtics, safety for the Dallas Cowboys. But I have a a former high school sweetheart that is now my beautiful and loving wife that I was given a second chance with 30 years later. I have four kids that I love and am so proud of, a great extended family, a message board family, so many great friends and so many great memories, so many ups to go along with the downs. Kiss and hug your loved ones, tell them how blessed you are to have them in your life. Choose to be positive instead of negative. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Live for today. I love you all and blessed to have you in my life.


very well said Dudley…very true.

Very good and true words. Thank you.

You are a class act Dudley!

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I concur, I know that many a good person has had their life cut short, many that contributed much more than I. I try to count my blessings and serve others someway, hopefully to contribute something that helps.

Well said Dudley. Life is a gift fom God. We were made in his image to love him and love each other. None of us know when we will leave this world. Live, love and laugh. And never, under any circumstances, believe that the National League has to adopt the DH.


Dudley, you made me tear up. It hit home.

Amen, well stated. Everyday is a blessing.

Thank you Dudley. I feel like the folks on this board are family too. This has been a week, last Sunday I spoke at my Uncles celebration of life. He was like a 2nd father. This past Tuesday a cousin dropped dead feeding his cattle. Lost 3 great friends this year and my precious niece who was like a daughter. It reminds me to tell folks I love them every time I see or talk to them. Today’s events reminded me again. Love, love, love…all you need is love.

Much love back to you Dudley as well. Today’s tragedy really hit home with my best friend who suddenly lost his 23 year old daughter this past late October. It was devastating! Things in life will never make sense right now but hopefully one day the good Lord will explain it too us if we are lucky. Thanks for all you do!

Been there, thank you is all I can say. WPS

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