Just a bad game tonight

Not hitting well, poor fielding, pitchers giving up too much…just not a good performance. We all know we’ll have these kinds of games from time to time, but I hate losing to Alabama. I should’ve known better than to start bragging after last night’s win about feeling good for the weekend. Maybe we can come back tomorrow & win the series. Alabama’s record isn’t good. I can’t believe they’re a very good team, but we’re sure making them look good right now.

I guess I’ll just have to continue to trust DVH, but he continues to switch up the line up after a win. Guess he wants to get the freshmen more playing time. Hopefully we bounce back, but it’s sick we couldn’t hit this guy who can’t throw anything faster than 86.

I think that some of those lineup changes have to do with who is pitching for the other team; there may be some history between those pitchers and certain of our hitters. Or, just the old “righty vs. lefty” thing. Plus, minor bumps and bruises suffered/healed that the public never hears about. And then, with a group like we’ve got this year, there are a lot of talented players for just 8 positions on the field. We’re still a work-in-progress with regard to finding out who the "best’ 8 are for any given night. So, I don’t blame DVH for tinkering.

Last night, it just seemed to be “one of those nights/games”. Notwithstanding the offensive firepower this team has, and how many comeback wins we’ve posted, I pretty much knew after 3 innings the game was going to turn out as it did. Well, of course, I didn’t “know”. But it just seemed like that would be the case. Can’t explain why any more than DVH or the players can tell you why they played that way.

However, I fully expect them to come out today with a new enthusiasm and take it to Bama to earn the series win.

Typically, you change the lineup when you go against a lefty thrower. And, they never solved him. He changed speeds effectively, down in the zone. Conversely, Stephan was up in the zone. Never located anything at the knees. He was missing up and then barely was at the letters for his strikes. You’d have to say he has been much better at home than on the road so far.