Junior QB catching the eye of Arkansas

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Now THIS is where our new staff differs. They are not intimidated to go to a HS just o/s Oxford and recruit a kid. This would have NEVER happened in our past life. WHen I’ve been critical of CBB’s lack of recruiting effort, was always blasted for doing so! You gotta believe! You gotta go to where the talent is! If you don’t ask a girl to dance, you damn sure ain’t gonna marry her!!!

The old staff went into Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and got kids Texas, Texas A&M, OU, Florida State, Florida and Miami wanted. There’s other examples too.

I do really like what this staff is doing in early offers to underclassmen and getting into Memphis and other areas. I’m very optimistic about the future, but to say the previous staff didn’t go into the back yards of other schools is simply wrong.