Junior enjoys chats with LB coach Rhoades

Great read Richard. I’ll admit, I had some reservations when coach Rhoades was hired. But, boy has he proven me wrong. He has our “undermanned” (Ha- Morgan and Pool have proven that to be wrong) LB crew playing like well, wild Razorback hogs. He also seems to be a very good recruiter.

Just another great hire by coaches’ Sam and Barry.

Sound like if the NCAA opens things up, they’ll visit the Hill in the spring, according to his father.

They visited Fayetteville in 2018 when Jayce was going through the recruiting process.

Nice program to have a “foot in the door” also. Not that it is mission critical, but you can visit that program one time and witness a dozen D1 recruits scattered across a couple of grades. Highly efficient way to recruit!

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