Junior college big man compared to a former Hog looking to visit to the Hill

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I’m interested in the offer list. West Coast Conference includes Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s and BYU. Any of those?

His coach didn’t say.

FWIW, Stith is #81 on jucorecruiting.com’s 2019 JC top 100.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.jucorecruiting.com/2019-juc … 0-rankings”>https://www.jucorecruiting.com/2019-juco-basketball-top-100-rankings</LINK_TEXT>

Saddleback coach Andy Ground said Stith has offers from numerous Big West, Mountain West, Big Sky and the West Coast Conference teams.

FWIW, Stith is #81 on jucorecruiting.com’s 2019 JC top 100.

As one esteemed poster would say, Mercy.

To the point that you felt the need to say that, I agree…Mercy :roll:

Besides Hawkins, the best route for bigs may be the grad transfer route in the spring, and of course we don’t know who is available from that pool yet. Of course, the staff has never been to keen on that idea for whatever reason, likely something silly.

I wish they would go after Khadim Sy or Emmanuel Ugboh if they were going after any bigs in the juco ranks.

I’ve wondered about Sy, but this kid is a lot better than y’all are insinuating, plus he has the attitude we need on this team. That’s something that can become infectious with the other players, and something most of you have said we needed.