June 18 camp tidbits

Expecting around 250 kids today.

Some of the notables:

'23 WR Davion Dozier, 6-4, 185 of Moody, Ala.

'25 TE Davon Mitchell, 6-4, 230 of Allen, Texas

'25 QB Quentin Murphy, 6-1, 188 of Joe T. Robinson

'24 QB Adrian Posse, 6-5, 225 of Miami Columbus HS

'24 QB Michael Hawkins, 6-1, 185 of Allen, Texas

'24 WR Parker Livingstone, 6-4, 190 of Lucas, (Texas) Lovejoy

'26 QB Kane Archer, 6-1, 190 of Greenwood

'24 DL TJ Lindsey, 6-5, 250 of Bryant

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‘24 OL Jac’Qwan McRoy 6-9, 360 is visiting today.
Definitely a guy to put on offer watch.

He has Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky offers.

‘25 QB Quentin Murphy, 6-1, 188 of Joe T. Robinson just ran a 4.59.

They asked him to run again.

He has Tennessee, Auburn and several other offers.

This kid just ran a 4.4.

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‘25 RB Daniel Anderson of Bryant ran a 4.59.

Buck James said he has a chance to be special.

‘26 QB Kane Archer didn’t make it.

‘24 OL Jac’Qwan McRoy measured 6-8 1/4.

He wears 19 shoe.

‘24 QB Adrain Posse getting some extra attention. He looks 6-4 to 6-5. He’s talking to Loggains, Odom and Briles.

Ondre Evans is usually 2nd fastest WR on CPA team but he runs shuttle much better and is a truly all around nice kid. London Humphries is fastest and is the kid that Justin Stepp is recruiting for Gameflops. To be a running team, CPA is loaded at WR and TE (Bo Burklow who gave up a baseball schollie to Tony V vols because he wants to continue playing football LB/TE). All CPA kids are well coached and consistent winners, 2024 kids have beaten everyone since the 4th grade including BA, MBA and all the upper traditional Nashville powers. Lots of offers starting to happen. Ondre is a riser and high jump state champ.

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‘23 TE Amare Rogers, 6-4, 235 of Maumelle looks the part and moves very well. I remember the coaches at Maumelle talking him up but for whatever reason his recruiting hasn’t taken off.

Arkansas is definitely intrigued. Obviously they’re maxed out but if Rogers doesn’t get the offers he wants I could see Arkansas offering a PWO.

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Wow that’s a lot of kids! I think our brand is known nationally now as good as it has been in a long time. This season will be crucial in that we need to be very successful, don’t need to backtrack. I think they can get quite a few great players this year. Looking forward to seeing how all this turns out as far as commitments

TJ Lindsey’s pops is 6-6. Should help him with an inch or two more in height.

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Fully expect OL Jac’Qwan McRoy to post an offer sometime today. He was so easy to spot.

His mom looks to be 6-2 or 6-3.

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Rogers from Maumelle has Memphis, ULM & North Alabama offers.

He didn’t get many balls last year but fully expect that to change. He’s better than his offer list.

‘25 QB Quentin Murphy said he would commit it offered by the Hogs.

‘24 WR Parker Livingstone said the Hogs are in his top three. Todays visit is his fifth to the Hill.

As expected.

If they had not shutdown RB recruiting, RB coach Jimmy Smith had several RBs wanting to visit.

Murphy is being offered as a QB RD?