Jumping ahead?

11-0 heading to Bloomington?

Gotta get by those Hilltoppers. I’m sure $tansbury still has some players.

I think we roll up the next 5. WKU being another nice get on the road.

I doubt seriously that coach CEM will allow his players to overlook anyone on the non-conference schedule because as Kentucky found out with a rare loss in Rupp Arena to Evansville ( Loved every second of it ) anyone can get beat if they aren’t dialed in and focused on the next game.
As our team found out tonight they have to come out and play hard nosed defense every game because there will be games where points will be hard to come by.

Go Hogs!

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Team needs to improve its O before looking ahead.

Kudos to the D for sure.

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Two things need to happen for this team to take the next step. 1. We’ve got to get Chaney going so he can regain his confidence. He needs to be an 8 points and 6 boards guy in 18 minutes of play for us. 2. Harris needs to find his niche offensively so he can give Joe and Jimmy more minutes of rest. He has to contribute more offensively than goose eggs, like tonight. Of course, like several have posted, it would also give us a big boost if Walker were to show up in January!

We are playing great intense defense, but that really wears on your legs and affects your shot late in games.

I’m with bushhog. The offense needs to improve. The short bench and minutes played by the starters is killing the offense. So the improvement we are looking for will come next season.
The hogs spent a lot of energy on defense and they were simply wore out!
The fatigue is what I blame on the turnovers we committed late in the second half and overtime. As well the missing free throws and wide open shots.
I’m impressed they were able to defend like they did. Heart! They fought and found a way to win.

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I thought both teams were showing the late game effects of that intense defense. We need a couple of more players to keep those legs fresh, if you aint got no legs with 5 minutes to go, you are going to lose alot of leads.

I think we are always going to be saying, “If Chaney just gets going.” For someone built like an Adonis, he is strangely passive inside. He has good post moves, but it’s like a hot potato when he gets it inside as he is looking to pass. Now even with his “passive nature”, he is still productive in terms of defense (thought he did well on their big guy in the 13 minutes he played).

Maybe Muss can pull it out of him as all the physical tools are there.

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Bailey has made tremendous improvement since Coach Muss and staff started coaching him. I would expect that Chaney will start showing improvement soon. He may not respond as quickly as Bailey has, but I feel that he will be a big asset by March. Muss is a great teacher and the team has been willing learners.

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Agree… and gotta stop getting caught committing cheap fouls. Smart fouls are one thing, getting cheapies has become a habit for him.