Julius Coates

Any word on how JC is doing w TT? Would have liked to have him another year, but it is what it is.
Tried finding some news on him, but no luck.

Who? We are fine without him… I don’t think he would even be two deep on this DL!

Sometimes you get addition by subtraction.

My sense was that there was a lot of drama around young Mr. Coates, and - his talent notwithstanding - we are perhaps in a better place with our new additions and without the drama.

I wish him well, but I’m happy with the personnel this year vs. last in the D line.

I hated to see him go. He had huge potential.

Is he at TT? I can find nothing on him actually being at TT.

I can’t either, just checked their roster. He was supposedly transferring there, anyone know where he ended up?

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