Julius Coates

Still on the team?

Understand he is gone.

He gone

Any information to share?

We reported today that he’s not expected to play this weekend due to some off-field issues. I’m not sure if he’s off the team completely. Pittman will be asked about him this afternoon.

I would say it is inaccurate to say he is no longer on the team or He gone, but as Matt said, he is not expected to play this weekend.

He is dealing with some issues that are not easy to deal with for anyone, be it a college football student/athlete or not.

Hate to hear that. Hope he comes through okay, whatever it is.


Jumping to conclusions before facts come out. Unless somebody has absolute facts.
Foremost I Hope Julius is Ok and he can put the issue behind him soon.

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Who is doing that?

He gone? That’s what you said above.


He showed his quick twitch ability against Missouri. I felt he was just coming on toward the end of the season. I hope he can get whatever is happening fixed and be back on the field next year.


It’s true
He’ll never play at UA again

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