Juice Boxes For Everyone!

Gotta love a good Little League game. I think my youngest was 10 the last time I witnessed a walk off sling it around the park.

LOL. That was reminiscent of my Little League years!!!

The Saturday LSU game might as well have been a walk off sling-around. It just came in the top of the inning.

We looked very Little League in the late innings, too. We had 3 late errors and yet again failed to get an out on a sac bunt in a clear sac bunt situation.

I think Biggers will be great but he has hit a rough patch. And, Shaddy is a DH playing 2b.

Didn’t I see where our DH was hitting something like .218 (I can’t remember the exact number). If I saw that right, my question is, WHY? Did I read it wrong? Is there something I am missing?

Biggers had made one error all season, until he threw that ball into the dugout last Saturday. Shaddy has been iffy with the glove all along, it seems, and 10 errors confirms it.

Cole was hitting .211 and he’s been the DH most of the time, so yeah. But everybody else in the lineup rakes. Plus Cole is up to .242 after his 4-for-5 tonight.

What you are missing is that Eric Cole, the person you reference, is actually one of our hotter hitters right now… He was batting in the 160s two weeks ago… But has been on a hot streak… He had a dreadful slump, there’s no denying that… but, he’s a switch hitter, which has value… And he is a plus fielder… Plus, he is versatile… He can play a lot of positions and DH… He is one of two players that Vanhorn stuck with when it would be have been easier to move in another direction… The other being the white hot Chad Spanberger…

Look, I understand what you’re saying… But the reality is that Cole is currently swinging a very good bat… And in fact, he got at least a couple of hits tonight…

And, no… I am not related to Eric… LOL… Just trying to answer your question…

Cole and Spanberger were both hitting abysmally to start the season. Not everyone can go 17 for 34 as Spanberger had at one point last night. Cole is a good hitter who just kept hitting at’em balls.

Cole came out of it right after start of SEC play. He’s been terrific for last 3 weeks. He’s even hit for some power. I would not take him out of lineup now. There were some tough luck at bats that made Van Horn stick with him. Line shots right at a fielder. He also gave himself up to move runners, bunts and ground outs. That pleases the man making out the lineup.

FYI, I remember giving our players mountain dews when I was coaching Little League in 1975. Guess that’s frowned upon now.

A gateway soda to moonshine Clay. Might as well give them Big League Chew also to get them ready for the real thing when they get to Pony League. LOL!