Judge has a Heckuva Chance to win the Triple Crown

…and to surpass Roger Maris for HRs in a season. 45 years between triple crown winners, and you have to go all the way back to the Cardinals Joe Medwick in '37 for the NL. Cardinals Goldschmidt has a slim chance to do it.

Do we consider Judge the single season HR champ if he breaks Maris’ mark?

We all know why Bonds, Sosa, and McGuire beat it….:syringe:

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For me, it will be Bonds.

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All of them had their advantages. Ruth played in an all-white MLB and never played west of St. Louis or in a night game. Maris played in an expansion year with minimal Latin opposition. Bonds had the cream and the clear. Sammy and Mark had their chemical enhancements too.

But Ruth and Maris had no control over those situations. Bonds, as they would say in NASCAR, was downright cheatin’.

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Yeah, but this was accepted, look the other way for a looong time, till it wasn’t. Owners knew what was going on, Selig knew what was going on, they liked the hype and publicity. Lots and lots of players were using besides the aforementioned. It’s on the Execs and Commissioner as much as the players IMO.

And you can’t even compare eras, what training advantages did Ruth and Maris have compared to Sosa, Bonds, and McGuire? Considering Ruth’s weight and lifestyle, to me his numbers were the most spectacular, not even mentioning the games he won as a pitcher.

He has had an incredible year!! Big Time props to him.

I always DO compare eras. It really does not matter. We do know the differences. But the number 61 is huge.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruth and Maris were doing something. Who knows? In those days, there just wasn’t as much investigative reporting, if any.

In sports, athletes are always looking to gain an edge doing whatever they can. The only question is whether they are doing anything that was outlawed at that time.

Even in my days of playing, I knew of kids who were taking growth pills to gain height. I have a feeling this has been going on in all generations,

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Well not steroids. In the book Bouton wrote, basically a diary of 1 season from the 60’s, “greenies” were the thing, lil green amphtimine pills. Ruth, he took beer and pizza! :sunglasses:

Also, there was no video study, no nutritional information, they didn’t weight train or have personal trainers and most players had jobs in the off season. etc,etc.

As of today, Judge barely leads Xander Bogaerts of the Bosox. Judge is hitting .31433 and Bogaerts is hitting .31380, with Luis Arraez of the Twins at .31298.

How close is that? If Judge goes 1-for-4 tonight and Bogaerts goes 1-for-3, Bogaerts takes the lead. And Arraez would pass both of them with a 2-for-4.

Or since Minny is idle tonight, he could pass both of them by sitting still while they back up.

Split Broadcast tonite on MLBN…
Yanks / Jays
ATL / Nationals

6 cst
Probably show Judge ABs if you get the Braves.

Judge has tied RM at 61!

Just for clarification, with a tip of the cap to Judge, what McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds did don’t count anymore?

I agree

No need for that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WTH Jeremy, that’s not very nice :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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Judge tied the AL single season home run record. Bonds, McGuire and Sosa are the leaders on NL side.

FWIW, Roger Maris Jr., who was present in Toronto last night to see the homer, said in his opinion that Judge will be the true record holder once he hits 62 due to the juicing of Barry, Sammy and Mark.

Meanwhile Judge leads Arraez by an infinitesimal margin, .31340 to .31332.

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Yes he did and showed his support sitting beside Judge’s Mom for the game. Also met with Judge in the locker room afterwards. Of course that is the underlying reason for the enthusiastic support.

According to MLB records, worthless. :sunglasses:

Arraez went 2-for-4 tonight for Minny while the Yanks were idle. He’s now hitting .315 and leads the AL batting chase.

The Triple Crown may come down to the last at bat next Wednesday.