How many Juco guys can we expect?

We need some instant help in the worst way I hope we get at least 5. Hopefully they consist of 2 decent OL, not sold on the one who is likely to commit I’m thinking that OL recruiting will be the downfall of Chad if he doesn’t get it going, because it’s awful right not. But we certainly need some help from ready to go players.

LB’s & safeties too maybe. We need immediate help in a few areas with Oline 1st on the list.

One suspects 4.

2 OL, at least one LB and maybe two unless they bring in a juco S instead.

I like what I have seen from Tim Anderson on film.

What do you not like about him - his offer list?

I definitely think we need some JC help at oline, and need to continue to build there. I think I read that that was actually a plan for some DL we have recruited. I think it would be a good spot for Cole. Not TE but Oline or Dline.

Having said that, I think our incredibly non -talented Oline has been the highlight of our last two games.

This. non talented online did pretty good when you have a RB over 100 yards in the 1st quarter, allowing QB to connect on TD passes. Having a comfortable lead at half time. But break downs start occurring late when they are tired which shows lack of any quality depth.
It is a very weak & depleted online for sure but effort is there regardless. It’s just the hand CCM was dealt.

That OM TD just before half time & 97 yard drive late wasn’t the olines fault.

Expect a couple of JCs and a grad transfer or two on the O-line. They’ll do whatever they need to do.

So, we’re going to sign 29 and take up to 2 Grad transfers on the o-line + a QB grad transfer?? Who’s going to be left for spring practice, lol?

Remember: signing jucos isn’t enough; they have to be the right jucos. In other words, many jucos aren’t any more prepared than good high school players. We’ve homered and whiffed with jucos in the past. Also, remember, we’re not the only ones looking for a quick-fix talent infusion.

They were going to sign 22 or 23. Now it’s around 29.

When you know you need help you make the numbers work.

Oh, I understand, except where the next 12-14 leaving are going to come from, and when.

The only people thus far talking about moving DL recruits to OL are posters, not coaches

So there is not a “plan” to do it.

Not saying it won’t happen - just that there is not a plan

Some will leave on their own

Some will graduate early

And some will be sdvised that this is no longer the right place for them

Good, this roster needs to be gutted.

When did you ever know where the numbers going to come from? It happens every year.

Not like this, 4-5, you can expect, 14, not at all.

We’ll see it play out.

Tim Anderson is a very good prospect has GREAT feet and technique he just needs to add weight and get stronger. I think He and Limmer and Winkel give us a very good nucleus .I am also high on Capps and think he has a chance to be very good. I was watching Ga play yesterday and thier C was intially a DL but Moved over to OL… Oregeron who knows something about Great DL said that he was the finest blocking C he had seen in 30 yrs so it can be done. We do need another Great OL to come on beside anderson if he comes…

Oh, I fully expect it will “work out”, but have you ever seen this big of a roster turnover?

We need guys that can come in and challenge for a position this spring, not have to worry about their weight.I’m not so sure who is waiting on whom?

I use to have a very good memory, but no more. I would have to think long and hard before giving an answer.