I saw where there could possibly be two more spots to this class.

From the outside in, should they use a couple of the spots to target some Juco LBers and maybe another DL. Seems we have a real deficiency there, not only in players but talent as well and the juco ranks will bring in ready to play guys while the projects or still baking in the oven.

I’m not sure that JUCO guys are as ready to play as you may think they are. Or maybe I’ve watched too much Last Chance U.

JUCO transfers are necessary for programs to even out classes due to attrition or misses on the recruiting trail. The problem is when they (JUCO transfers) don’t take care of their business and end up not making it to campus until late July/Aug.

It takes a special kind of athlete to step from the JUCO ranks into the SEC and contribute immediately, which is what you’re counting on when you ink them. So it’s crucial for them to get on campus asap so they can acclimate to the program and speed of the game.

Look at Jeremy Patton now. He’s one of the bell cows of the '17 class, and was originally projected to be on campus for winter conditioning and spring practice.

That didn’t happen, and we keep reading and hearing that he’s not in good condition and is still struggling to gain a foothold on the depth chart, although the talent is evident.

Again, there’s no getting around the JUCO route. Every program needs them from time to time. But it can be difficult finding the ones who are ready to play at this level, and willing to pay the price to do so.

Right, all of that makes sense and are good points.

I guess I should say we just need some better recruitment of DL and LBers in these next two classes. Seems like a lot of them aren’t working out to be reliable SEC players outside of Agim and Greenlaw. We will see who steps up in the season, but I think there’s real reason to worry. We need to go grab some big time playmakers to put alongside those guys. I like the addition of Pool and Gooden, but I don’t see an impact outside linebacker, which is pretty crucial in the 3-4.

Seems a little quiet on the Randy Ramsay front. I have no idea what kind of camp he has had to this point, but Physically he would seem to fit the prototype of what you want at OLB in the 3-4 Defense.

Randy is a starter. He’s been good in camp. He will be one of the playmakers in this defense.

The key for a junior college transfer, can they come in at midterm. If they can’t, tough to depend on them too much. But, you can generally get one good year out of them.

Gabe Richardson seems to be taking off in his bid to become an off-the-edge playmaker. I think he may be a big find. I think Jonathan Nance and Brandon Martin are keepers, too, as is Gary Cross.

No mention of Jeremy Patton who did not come in till late. Are you, by omission, saying he may not contribute much this year?

No, I didn’t say that. He’s not in the top three right now. Maybe he will be soon.

Jeremy is going to play. He’s coming hard, but he is catching up as he and his coaches said in the stories we have had up.

He worked with the ones some on Saturday

What has happened to the guy (older) former MLB player (from Jacksonville) that came back to school to play FB

D’Vone McClure left the team. I think he was tired of playing sports.