JUCO WR talks Arkansas offer, plans to visit

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Is that 4.79 - 40 time correct?

If you’re talking about this on his profile I would probably yes. He probably clocked that in a Nike Combine where they do laser.

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I wouldn’t get too worked up about 40 times. Sometimes the conditions are less than perfect like cold, rain, slippery surface and so forth. Also football speed is the key. How do pads impact a kids speed?

Greg Childs ran a high 4.7 at an Arkansas camp when he was a junior and that was handheld.

Arkansas recruited a LB that ran a 5.01. Should they have backed off?

I was just wondering and
I understand all of that Richard and the difference in sprinter speed & football speed. A lot of times faster guys aren’t as quick or sharp on making cuts when running routes. Child’s was & still is great at that. I think some of that is Jordan Jones problem along with not strong enough get separation from DB’s.

Understand. I do think some put too much on a 40 time. If I’m not mistaken Spaight ran a 5.0 something at the combine.

Main thing is being able to catch the ball in traffic. Being able to focus & concentrate & have big hands, why the first thing I look at on a WR’s is size of his hands.
Not saying guys with smaller hands can’t catch, there’s plenty that can. But in traffic or 50-50 balls thrown, big hands can make the difference.

FWIW, that LB tat ran a 5.01 in the 40, Bumper Pool. I think most are very happy he’s a Razorback.

Lot of schools including Bama wanted Bumper. Sometimes it not about speed but more about instincts & savvy. But I thought he was listed as a 4.7 guy.

He ran a 4.79 handheld. The 5.01 was laser.

Is his offer for this incoming class or the 2020 class?

Hopefully he still runs that after he gains the extra 20lb needed to play in the middle.


I am happy he is a Razorback but, after watching him unsuccessfully chase the Vandy tight end as he caught a pass over his out stretched fingers, it would be nice if he was a little faster.


He actually had a chance of tripping him up, but the Pinkney’s stride was perfectly timed to avoid the tackle. He’s a fourth year junior that will play at the next level.

Agim was held on that play, could see it plain as day from the SEZ. Almost identical to the Bama td pass where he was horse collared.