JUCO linemen give Arkansas big boost

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Yes, signing these two offensive line “JUCO” targets does give the fans and hopefully the team a much needed boost. However, that remains to be seen until we find out if these two guys are truly capable of lining up against SEC talented defensive linemen and hold their own.
I’m hoping that they can just like all, but we won’t know until we see them in game action.

Go Hogs!

Thanks for the article RD, good stuff. I am so thankful that we landed these two studs and that they will be here for spring ball. They have some experience already, faced better and stronger competition at the JUCO level than high school so hopefully this will give them a jump and be ahead of the curve more so than a HS player would be. Looking forward to seeing what these two dudes can do for us.

RD, have the juco rankings came out yet?

ESPN has.

Thanks, doing a awesome job my friend!