Juco LB Henry signs with Ole Miss in late stunner

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Maybe too early, but any thoughts on his decision to go to Ole Miss, considering Arkansas and Texas seemed to be his main targets.

pretty pathetic if you ask me to tell someone your comng and break your word tells me a lot about him…we are in trouble at LB bigtime

Money. Money. Money.

Reminds me of that cornerback Florida stole from us that year he was Juco as well

Where did Sci Martin end up? Mizzou

Guess we will have to see what we can do in the transfer portal. I am sure he is a good kid, but somehow I already don’t miss him. Time will tell if I have to change my opinion.

navy we backed off sci I think

I actually thought about this last night, the former five star LB that decided to transfer from Bama. Said he was looking at Maryland, but hey, to me worth a shot.

Signed with Mizzou

Go for it!

I think you are speaking of Ayabi Anoma. CS stated after speaking to Anoma, he is no longer in the transfer portal.

Did he actually visit Ole Miss?

If he’d signed with Texas or Alabama or some other very high profile school, I’d have thought, “crap, we just got beat out.” However, since this is Ole Miss I can’t help but wonder if there are shenanigans going on.

Henry has put us in a serious spot!! I don’t know that I have ever seen such a thing as what that young man did in the past couple of days. Something smells very wrong on this and if I was Scoota I would be LIVID!!!

Everyone knows about the Ole Miss recruiting tactics. How did the fat man, Matt Luke, blow us out of the water? Ole Miss also flipped a 5 star running back today.

I guess they figured since the NCAA didn’t do much last time, why not keep at it.

I thought this as well. Today’s events should raise some eyebrows. But, it’s not going to result in anything happening.

That may be the only reason Spivey didn’t flip to OM.

Next thing you know someone’s gonna tell me Lonnie Davis isn’t signing with us!

Did he say why he pick ole piss???