JUCO Gold Glove winner commits

This looks like a big pick up.


As I noted in the story, this happened last month, but had flown under our radar. Someone sent us his tweet today, which is why we ran the story.


Sounds like we got a good 3rd baseman with power.

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Matt he sounds like a stud, seems like we’re bringing in all Junior college kids do you think he’s choosing them over the transfer portal?? I hope he can really help us …I know Wilkerson came in last you’re with similar numbers but just couldn’t hit when he got here. Hopefully this kid will be as good as advertised and the rest of these guys will be too. There is ample opportunity for them to play for sure.

I think when it’s all said and done, there will be a good mix of D1 and JUCO transfers. I would be surprised if the catcher situation is not remedied by D1 transfers. I don’t think it matters where they come from as long as the coaches believe they have potential. The fall will be a fun time to see how they really stack up.


Yeah I agree we definitely need to bring in D1 players for catcher I would think. We will probably have to have two or three catchers from the portal.

I’m really surprised this guy’s commitment flew under the radar. It was on Twitter, and plenty of people comb Twitter constantly looking for nuggets like this.


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These are from his freshman season in 2021, but here are some highlights of McLaughlin:

Has a sweet stroke,like that he can go oppp taco!

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