Juco DE Gabe Richardson added...

to this weekend’s official visitors list

He is a 6-4, 255-pounder from Hutchinson CC

Had 60 tackles last season, 18.5 for lost yardage and six sacks

Visited Buffalo last week

YEs, lets beat out Buffalo. :lol:

Is he 255, 225 or 205? I’ve seen all of these.

Hopefully closer to 255

Kahlil Mack went to Buffalo…Just sayin’

And Steve Atwater went to Arkansas…

We dont have a safety like him though.

Would love for one of these studs coming in to immitate his playing style.


That’s a good size recruit.

My point about Kahlil Mack going to Buffalo is that we really don’t know about the player until he plays. Why bang on a kid that you haven’t researched or torch the coaches on their evaluations? Sure, I used to question coaches on these deals. But their job relies on them getting good players. Let it play out. Who on here thought that Ryan Pulley would be on his way to all SEC? I think he is headed in that direction and he was just a 3* from FL. I do know that if you look at Michael Epley and don’t know him, don’t judge. Go look at his film from this past year and you’ll want him to be a Razorback

I don’t think anyone on here was banging on a kid or torching the coaches evaluations.

That being said, our coaches evaluation on safety recruits the first two years aren’t paying off.
The young guys on campus and new ones coming in seem to be much more talented and that’s great. But BBs first two years of recruiting he struck out at safety for the most part.

I was simply saying tha just because buffalo is offering doesn’t mean he’s Khalil Mack, with the comparison you made. Mack was a diamond in the rough and those are hard to find.

Love this kids size. That’s the only thing I know about him.

How’s Arkansas’s safety recruits in 2013-14 relevant to the subject of junior college rush end Gabe Richardson?

How’s Arkansas’s slapped-together 2013 recruiting class relevant to anything whatsoever?

Sorry that Alex Brignoni got hurt and never played. De’Andre Coley has been worth having on the team, and he was somebody found very late by a new staff.

The 2014 recruits were Santos Ramirez from Shreveport Evangel and Josh Liddell from Dollarway. Ramirez had good offers - including LSU and Baylor. Liddell was more of a reach, but he was an in-state star.

No doubt, Arkansas needed more and better, but that’s a weird thing to bring up on this thread.

Arkansas has needed speed on the edge for quite a while. Richardson had good stats. Maybe he is that kind of player.

Well if you look at it, you’ll see it was comparison that showed irrelevance.

Like buffalo offering a kid has nothing to do with Khalil Mack. I said that we had Steve Atwater once, but now we have very poor safeties. It just shows that because a school that had a good player offered a position t doesn’t mean anything. Now it’s just being taken out of context.

But there’s really no way to defend the safety play at Arkansas. It was without a doubt the worst in the SEC. I do expect that to change with new talent.

Never question last 2 yrs of Recruiting excellence is what I’m getting from this thread…

We need help and the coaches are doing the very best they can because their jobs are pretty much on the line I would think. That should be enough incentive to get them shaking the bushes, if they are willing to gamble on this guy than I’ll ride along since my job is not in jeopardy with this decision. If we get the majority of the guys to commit and signed that’s on our list the class will move up in the rankings. WPS