Juan Day transferring

More coming, but Juan Day is transferring under the graduate transfer rule.

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Not a surprise. He was never going to have a steady role, barring mass injuries.

Wow!. I seem to recall Spring practice ending with one rather significant injury to a running back. He would probably be about one more RB injury away from being a featured back. Really hope he rethinks this.

This is a done deal so there is nothing to rethink. He wasn’t going to be higher than fifth on the depth chart, in my opinion, behind Whaley, Hammonds, M. Williams and Hayden. He just doesn’t have the burst or cut that you see from other SEC running backs.

No worries he’s not at all bitter (especially not Mom, she’s my H.S. classmate) He just seeks a better opportunity at PT.

Can’t be a huge surprise. But I do want to congratulate Juan on graduating and doing it in 3 years while playing football. That in itself is quite an accomplishment.

Day’s done what he was supposed to do, his body just never gave him a chance to shine. I hope he does well at his next stop.

So now we have two every down backs, one guy who may be better off at WR but who has skills, and one very intriguing speed back. Whaley will start, M. Williams will likely get plenty of work, and Hammonds will probably play more as a hybrid. I kind of wish they could have redshirted Hayden, who is going to have to play at 205 lbs or less, but that does not appear doable.

Enos is going to have a quite a challenge this year, with all the new WRs and only Whaley with much experience at RB. The game plans early in the season may not be as diverse as we would like. The good news is the OL should be quite a bit better, the FBs are set, and you have a senior QB starting for the second year. It also helps that there is talent among the new WRs and RBs.

No surprise. Whaley, Hammonds, and the two freshmen. Good for Juan getting his degree so fast, time to play some ball!

who else has played RB
will need another one

I’ve got a feeling we will see a DB or WR toting some mail before the season is over.

I am feeling uneasy about our depth at running back. An injury or two during the season could really hurt us. Even without an injury we are low on experience. The freshmen had better be ready.

Congratulations to Juan. Wish him well wherever he goes. Didn’t Bielema speak about the possibility of a getting a grad transfer for RB depth after the RWIII injury? Know that would be easier said than done.

I remember him saying something about a grad transfer but anyone coming in at this time could be nothing better than a special team player…

Congrats to Juan on getting a degree and thanks to his dedication to Arkansas. Best wishes and much success to this young man. WPS

Has anyone heard about where he may land?

Congrats to Juan for earning that degree in short time. This sounds like he knew for sometime this was path he needed to take & worked hard to get there. Glad CBB kept his promise to the kid when he could have threw in the towel at Juans 1st injury in HS.

Good Luck Juan at your next stop. We will all be pulling for ya.

Any word on where he is going? Did his brother ever sign with anyone? Perhaps they could be a RB tandem in college.