committed this morning, per his family.

Here you go:


I don’t know if he’ll ever play much, but I’m excited to get him. He’s clearly a clutch player.

Love the pictures he posted of himself and the coaches.

If one plays the long game, you know we just planted
another important tree for the continued growth of
the Arkansas program and school.

Welcome home, young man.


This is one that had to have. All the smart people say he is not SEC. We don’t know that, but it does not matter. This is far bigger than one 2*(or 5* for that matter) player. Glad to have him where he is suppose to be.

The smart people would be wise not to bet against him.

I certainly am not going to count him out

It’s hard to count out a winner! I’m proud we have the 3rd generation of the Jones family on the hill.
He may get a lot more playing time than people expect!

Glad we got him! WPS!

I agree we had to have him for lots of obvious reasons for future recruiting, who his family is, etc. But with that aside…

Some people are just football players, despite size, measureables, etc. Who knows how his career will turn out, but I am VERY happy he will spending his college years at the University of Arkansas. He is a baller.

And I think he’s bigger than that Flutie kid was!

Wise Dudley. In fact I think there’s a chance he might start as a freshman. There, I said it.

I think this is a huge get for the program for all the aforementioned reasons. He clearly can play and excel at the highest level of high school football. His stats, record, and championships prove that he has done about as well as he could with his pedigree. Until he gives me a reason to think otherwise I’m not doubting that he can be an SEC quarterback.

I’ve been watching a team over here in Oklahoma who has done pretty well with an undersized, Texas state champion QB that was only recruited by Tech and some other small programs (Can’t stand KK but he can evaluate QBs - Mayfield/Mahomes). Say what you want about Mayfield the chip that he carried after his recruiting/Tech experience led him to the biggest award in all of college football and a hell of a QB rating. His teammates would do anything for him, he played with a lot of heart, and was a winner. He is listed as taller than JSJ but in actuality I think JSJ is only an inch shorter.

JSJ seems to fit a lot of these same qualities with a polished level of maturation. He has arguably worked with more NFL quarterbacks and coaches than any other high school QB ever. He played in a similar offense. Coach Morris probably had more time to evaluate him than any other kid in the class. And what 18-22 year old would mind being friends with a good kid who’s grandfather owns the Dallas Cowboys? Oh yeah and he loves the razorbacks.

Most quarterbacks that go to the SEC don’t see much playing time. Even if he only adds depth, this guy is a winner and someone that will make this program better for reasons outside who his father/grandfather are. Fans who look at this and simply see 2 stars don’t see the whole picture (yeah Elmo I’m talking to you). JSJ I’m as excited about your commitment as much as any 4 star in recent memory. After watching an undersized QB play very well for an Arkansas border rival, you better believe I won’t be sleeping on your abilities or your promise!! WPS!!