JSJ, starting QB

occurred to me this am that if we hadn’t signed our 2 transfer QB’s, JSJ would be our starter this year. nice to have depth, although I really hope we get to see some JSJ this year.


I have also wondered if the transfer QBs hadn’t matriculated on down if Connor Noland might be playing football right now. Now John Stephen might have beat him out having done everything in spring football.

JSJ GHG! And could someone compare and contrast JSJ with Chandler Morris? Thanks in advance.

Chandler is a little taller, a lot faster, better arm and the more elite talent. Has elite offers, is an elite 11 finalist, and an under armour all American.

Have similar playing styles, one is just an elite talent and the other was a very good high school qb, who has ability, but will always be limited by size and arm strength, that he can not overcome with elite talent, like chandler can.

Chandler is a major D1/P5 recruit with potential to start, at a high level. JSJ was not.

many situations, I would say that you are underestimating JSJ and maybe overvaluing CM to this point.

Yes, Chandler has a better pedigree and is, maybe, a couple of inches taller.

There is no doubt that he has more quality offers, especially since JSJ had just a couple

But JSJ’s senior year in high school was phenomenal and he has proven to be more than Jerry’s grandson and Stephen’s son.

I do think he had better talent around him in 2017 than CM has this season.

Just saying that the gap is nowhere near as much as you are trying to make it seem.

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I’ll add that JSJ had substantially greater stats his senior year versus his junior year. (Chander hasn’t played his senior season.) But, as a senior JSJ threw at a 70% completion rate, whereas Morris threw for 65% as a junior.

On the other hand, Morris had a much better Junior season versus JSJ’s junior year, 65% versus 59%. Total yards, TDs and interceptions had similar results.

Both played on very good teams with an established system.

Several people that have seen practices would have no problem starting JSJ. It makes sense to go with guys with more experience.

I think JSJ will have to get into a game and make it difficult not play him more before he gets respect.

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As a fan who has only seen John Stephen play in games…I thought he looked quick and agile and had a pretty good arm. He appeared to be skilled and able to play major college football once he had some more experience. He and Chandler Morris don’t have the size you would like, but so what? Billy Moore was about 5-9 and weighed 175 pounds and probably couldn’t throw the ball more than 40 yards with a heave, and he was an All-American. I’m not sure Billy ever threw a tight spiral. He was a winner.

You still talk to these people?

Will check when practices start but I think we know who will be the starter.

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completely different era, though. That was back when players played both ways & limited substitution. Just a completely different game.

Kyler Murray and Mason Fine are little quarterbacks who excelled. I am not going to pass judgement on any QB we have had the last two years because it is clear that CM and JC were terrible developers of talent.

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