JSJ arm strength


For anyone who has seen JSJ perform, just how good is his arm strength?

How far can he pass with precision?
What passes can he make/ not make?
What is his strengths and weaknesses as a passer?


I’m providing this moreso to show he’s a flat-out winner. His arm strength is just so-so. Probably better now. But never, ever count this young man out. Never. Complete and total gamer and winner. Watch the full highlight. Best football game I’ve ever seen, at any level. And watch what his coach says about him at the end. “Magic.”

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It’s not Nick Starkel, but it’s not bad. I thought he showed good arm strength on the back shoulder TD throw to Woods. He threw it from left hash of the 20 to the right back corner of the end zone. That’s probably close to a 40-yard throw and it looked pretty effortless.

JSJ in my opinion gives the hogs a chance to win! He should have been given the QB job earlier in the year! He would have made a difference. KJ would have also been better!

Wow, thanks for sharing.