Josh Paul gone?

What is going on there? Isit permanent? Temporary suspension? Violation of team rules?

Long gone.

Chad Morris confirmed that just a few minutes ago. No details. He was having a hard time staying around under the last staff, too. So he’s been removed from the team.

I appreciate the kid wanting to be a Razorback but he should’ve never been on the team. Another Bielema project failure

I was told Paul had some academic problems from the time he made it to campus.

I don’t think he even made it out of summer school without academic issues. Didn’t Bielema hold him off the 105 because he said he needed to address some academic problems? I think he had some social media posts that were way out of bounds for the past staff, probably with the present one’s too.

With Paul leaving the team what does that bring the numbers too?

With K Richardson added, minus Josh Paul and TE Jack Kruss (graduation) I believe the roster is at 89. This counting the 14 who are due to enroll this Summer.

Can someone refresh my memory on who this Josh Paul is?

I’ll be interested to see if Richardson is allowed a sixth year of eligibility. The rule is written to where a player can only receive a sixth year if he missed two years due to circumstances beyond his control, defined in the NCAA rulebook as: documented medical condition; a life-threatening injury or illness; erroneous advice from the university about matters pertaining to academics; natural disasters; or extreme financial hardship, such as a layoff or death in the family.

I asked several people about Richardson prior to him going through senior day last year and the belief was that he was playing his final game. One person told me the NCAA was going to tweak the rule (I’m uncertain how) this year, but that he didn’t believe Richardson would qualify for another year under any potential changes because his redshirt year happened prior to any rule changes.

Paul was a linebacker from Louisiana who redshirt last year as a freshman.