Josh Pate's take on the Hog departures

I always enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Just watched this and came here to post.

I really like Pate’s takes on the Razorback program. Unlike most national observers, he has done his homework and has a really good feel for what’s going on around here.

I enjoy Josh and follow him on YT. Good way to keep up w things outside of Fayetteville too.

The guy said out loud what a lot of us have been trying to politically verbalize here.

Good info, and this brings up a frustration to me. I pay to subscribe to several insider boards. I read all the articles. I listen to “insiders” broadcasts and podcasts.

I hear and read - over and over - that there has been internal strife. Everybody says that we are aware of that. We have heard the rumors.

Well, I haven’t heard any specific rumors. Maybe some outsiders third party speculation.

So lots of insiders know the gory details. Lots of people on the boards imply they know.

I know. I know. Journalists protect sources. Not really my business. etc. etc.

There is nothing to be gained from naming names telling stories about issues just to feed folks morbid imaginations. Apparently the guilty parties are gone. Let sleeping dogs ly as Uncle Bill would say.

Can you share at what time point he spoke on the Hogs vs going through the whole hour by chance?

Back up about 5 minutes before the video starts, it’s the segment before the Michigan one.

Thanks Stew!

Good stuff!

Start around the 47 minute mark

Sorry about that. I somehow messed up the starting point. I posted it again, but that post must have gotten buried. I should have just edited this one instead of making a new one.

According to former UofA player/recent grads here who are in frequent contact with current & recently departed players, Pate’s assessment is apparently on target, specifically staff & dept. departures that were well justified & necessary to clean house & purge the poisoning of the well that was occurring last season.

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