Josh Pate: Take the Hogs and the over

In a close one.

It was interesting to see this morning that the over-under for the game went from 48.5 to 50.5 at both MGM and Caesar’s. Maybe Josh has more followers than he realizes since the over on this game was one of his “best bets” of the week-end when it was at 48.5.

Josh said he thought it would be well into the 50s.

Given our secondary issues and the speed of Smith and Achane, A&M could get into the 20s or 30s. And given the way App State and Miami ran on them, so could we.

Or it could be a replay of last year’s SW Classic.

I heard David Pollack this morning saying our offense was one-dimensional. We’re throwing for more yards than we’re gaining on the ground. Which tells me he hasn’t really watched us.

Yeah, Pollack has some of the dumbest takes and statements of any of the analysts. It seems clear that he got his job because of his notoriety as a football player and because he has “TV looks”. He’s either lazy in preparation or just not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

If there were stats for the most balanced offense in the country we might be #1. We have 731 rushing yards and 770 passing yards. Can’t get much more balanced than that.


He keeps up with the SEC East and Alabama.

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