Josh LeBlanc's final 4...

I have plenty of times - to each coach I have covered in 32 years - be it basketball, football or baseball - and have had those comments here or on the Hawgs Illustrated board in the 25 years that we have had these forums.

They usually answer with some version of fit, wanting the right kids, sure evaluations.

Coach Anderson and Coach Watkins both talked after the 2015 recruiting class bottomed out about changing some aspects. They have.

This Arkansas staff has always worked hard, but I believe is working smarter the last few years.

There’s no point because all they get are generalities and coach-speak. Back to your comment - he keeps things close to the vest. He just doesn’t say a lot…ever.

Yep. Right on.

And, CMA’s strategy may work out in the long run. That’s what I’m so hopeful for. I certainly think there’s a decent chance.

We’ve not been as successful as quickly as I think we should have been in CMA’s tenure, and I think his recruiting strategy has been the biggest factor. But, I think most all are happy with the trend of the program, and are willing to ride the train however we can get back to the standard.

If Williams and Qualls had been on the floor two years ago, as they should have been if not for their own bad decisions, I think we would be working on three straight 20+ win, NCAA tournament appearances. If Young had stayed as a junior, as he should have, maybe four. CMA’s guard recruiting has held him back at Arkansas but not all of that was his fault. He got saddled with Pelphrey’s poor backcourt recruiting that couldn’t be cleaned out immediately. That said, he didn’t recover as quickly as he could have either.

For sure there were no scholarships available the year CMA stepped in here until Rotnei bailed out late. I always wonder what Year 1 could have been if Rotnei had not bolted and Powell did not get hurt in the third game of the year.