Josh Leblanc visit

He was flying out at 10:31 this morning. Hope to talk to him later, but hearing the visit went very well.

As I mentioned the other day, Josh may very well end up at LSU, but Arkansas is definitely in the running and the visit helped the Hogs.

It’s very important that his parents made the trip. Only his mom went with him to Georgetown and Josh indicated to me last week his mom will likely be the only one going on the A&M and LSU visits.

Fellow Louisianan Adrio Bailey hosted Josh. This one will be very interesting to watch over the next few weeks.

Josh had previously said that he was going to commit on his birthday, November 12. I saw a quote that said he may now commit after November 12. Did he mean to say before November 12? The early signing period is November 8-15.

Both he and his coach have indicated that he might do it before that time.

In my last conversation with him, he said it would just be when it felt right.