Josh Donovan?

How can a guy decommit when I never knew he was committed?

Another guy with an uncommitable offer. Sometimes the kids get a little confused.

What is an uncommitable offer?

An offer you can’t commit to?? Basically, you tell a guy, " you have an offer if certain things(grades/test scores/graduation) happen, or if certain players choose elsewhere, then you have a scholarship offer from us.

And sometimes it’s even more vague than that - the kid thinks he can commit any time he wants , but when he tries the school won’t take it and only tell him on the back end about the “conditions.”

Well, that would be considered “dirty pool” by the institution, and wouldn’t help their reputation in the recruiting world. I suspect that doesn’t happen anymore.

Only CBB gave mostly committable offers. I assume CCM does it like most other P5 Coaches with 100’s of offers & playing the numbers & lists that look similar to a draft board.

Yep - this is how the game is played and why when you see stories saying Arkansas beat LSU, Alabama, Georgia for a player it’s usually, but not always, for a mid round pick on their board. Of course, that’s better than getting guys not even on the board at all which has been the case to often in the past!

We are reeling from the “uncommon” effect.

Josh Donovan came on an unofficial visit to Arkansas

Went home and committed on twitter

But Arkansas only wants to sign JC OL that can for sure go through spring practic

Donovan is not cleared to as of yet

He knew and knows the deal