Joseph Pinon highlights


He can shoot it from long range!

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Kid has deep range and hops both

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Young man can play!!

looks like a great shooter with better athleticism than I thought,will be interesting to see how his talent plays out against much better competition but the young man can shoot the rock!

RD, how do you think his game compares to Austin Reaves? Looks like Pinion might be more athletic.

I would like to see him play before making a comparison. Planning to this spring or summer.

Fair enough. Look forward to the information.

They’re physically and athletically similar. Pinion may jump a little better. Reaves may move a little better, laterally, with the ball. Similar size.

The thing that sets Reaves apart from a lot of people is his mentality and craftiness. He’s a ball-player. And he’s tough as nails. Supremely confident.

Thanks, notorious. Obviously Reaves got better and better as he got older. Having not seen Pinion myself, do you see Joseph having the same career trajectory, if he works hard?

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