Joseph Pinion

Pinion had 31 points, (13-23 FG, 5-9 3pt) 8 rebounds, 7 assists and a steal in a 74-71 loss to LR Christian.

Great Shooter but what kind of athleticism does he have,can he create his own shot?

Haven’t seen him in person yet but his video makes him look capable of that.

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Looking forward to seeing him play.

I have seen him play this season and he did a very good job of getting his own shot.

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He is very Godly. No doubt.

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That’s high praise.^^^^

Definitely. Strong Christian.

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May not be important to everyone but it is to me!! Thanks for the info RD.

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Devil Dogs have some nice digs. How bout Creed Willamson. What kind of game did he have?

I was actually kidding because Dudley said god instead of good initially. Was just having fun with Dudley but Pinion is truly very strong in his faith. Like you I really admire that.

Hope he has great success in all his undertakings.

Has a brace on, coming off an injury?

He missed the final 8 games last season with a knee injury and rehabbed it this past spring and summer.

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