Joseph Pinion / Dusty Hannahs

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Pinion can stroke it and he’s 6’6 kid plays hard he’s going to be good.


Hit the nail on the head. Hope we can work him in this year!

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Great to be a Razorback!!

I could be wrong, but CEM’s #1 focus is defense. Maybe they are also similar in that way, I don’t know. But if he can stroke the 3, he’ll find some time, because we were near the bottom in that stat. Of course, if he can’t play D, it won’t matter how good he can shoot it.

I don’t know about the comparison, as Dusty was/is a really, really good scorer and the size difference creates a different offering from Pinion. I will say, Pinion is more than a shooter, and Dusty is mislabeled as primarily a shooter.

Pinion is very projectable because of his size and skill. What no one knows a lot about is his defense. Time will tell.

I hope Pinion proves to be as much or more productive for the Hogs as Hannahs was.

But, I suppose Hannahs would have a hard time getting on the floor with this roster.

They are both white.

Pinion’s game reminds me of Scottie Thurman. I’m not saying he will ever be as productive as Thurman. However, they are both about the same size. Good shooters. Fairly athletic. Good teammates. Smart.

Pinion comes in with not a lot of accolades (as did Thurman), but will be a big asset to the program if he is patient and works hard.

My goodness. In the past few years getting a homegrown player or two ranked in top 100 would have lite this board up. Now folks are wondering if a top 100 kid or two or three are gonna help the program. Hmm.

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That’s what back to back Elite Eights and 3 incoming, 5 star McDonalds All Americans can do for your basketball program and its fans.

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one other thing about Pinion is that his form leads to a lot of defenders getting under his feet since he splays them frequently on the longer 3’s. If more aggressive and more physical defenders don’t alter/block the shot and get into his face he should end up with his fair share of FT’s. His form is unique and could help or hurt him at next level given how his balance and release point look to be susceptible to aggressive defenders. He is very nearly closed out on several of his 3 attempts.

Pinion is light years more athletic than Hannah. A better comparison would be Aaron Harper (Ole Miss)

Drawing a blank on that name

Harper played for the Rebnecks from 2000-2004. Still active in the Mexican pro league. He’s 6-8.

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Mexico and hoops. I never knew those words were together.

I remember a story from when Nolan was coaching the Mexican national team. Mexico played Team USA and Mike Krzyzewski told his players about how Nolan was a basketball pioneer. He said all of the players needed to shake Nolan’s hand and thank him.

Dan Wetzel wrote a story about it:


Thanks for posting that, Matt.

I’m not ready to say that. I think they are similar though. Both can stroke it from outside and both are deceptively athletic

Dusty did his share of driving to the basket in the SEC. I remmeber he made a big jump in athleticism from his junior to senior year at PA. No one could stop him his senior year. I thought Anderson should’ve offered him as a senior,


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