Jordon Phillips transferring?

I asked last week about basketball recruiting. I know Dudley said he anticipated probably four, you kind of indicated the same, by reading this thread, I’m assuming that neither of you were counting him as one of the four. Would that be correct?

When you get these good players they want minutes. The majority have been stars on every team since they played youth basketball and simply cant deal with not getting on the court. They still have these adults in their ear telling them how great they are and that they dont need to be sitting on the bench. Unfortunately, coaches can only play 5 guys at a time and kids these days really don’t believe in waiting their turn.

Not going to say Jordan was on my radar to transfer but doesn’t surprise me one bit with today’s climate.

I would assume if we get 4 scholarships for 2019 it would come from… Gafford, Garland, Phillips, and Ali. With possibly Henderson being another. I think our other 8 (which will be the core next year) Harris, Joe, Jones, Gabe, Bailey, Embery-Simpson, Sills, and Chaney are all highly unlikely to transfer. I’d actually be shocked if any of those 8 transferred, they all have pretty solid roles now and some will have even bigger roles next year.

I also would be a bit surprised if Henderson transfers even though he hasn’t played much. A lot of these guys he is really good friends with and he knows he’ll have an opportunity next year he just needs to get bigger and stronger, I would think the only way he leaves if it’s more a decision from the staff and they don’t see him ever cracking the rotation.

Should be an interesting off-season though. A 2019 class of Hill, Franklin, and Gueye would be really good IMO. Then I would prefer if staff held any additional scholarships for 2020 class, we’ll only have one freeing up in Bailey, I think they’ll need at least 4 for that class. But my guess is, if we do have 4 they’ll try to use all 4 if they feel we can get 4 quality players with them.

Very interesting, just saw Hawkins tweet he received an offer. This spring should be interesting. This kind of makes me think we will have five.

I’m almost positive that Phillips schollie now goes to Justice, and Khalil’s would now go to Javon. Like you, I think both Gafford and Ibby are next (NBA and transfer, respectively), I’m really curious as to who we get.

I think we differ on Henderson, before today, I thought he was all but a lock to leave. Now, I’m wondering if he may get some playing time.

I also wonder with Phillips transfer, if the staff may look harder at Bramah or someone similar (tall, long, athletic 3)

On another note, if you’re watching Mistake vs SCe, Fl maybe better than a lot of people think. Apparently, USCe is pretty good

So dissapointed.

Loads of potential and talent.

Reminded me of Joe Johnson like build and off the chart potential.

Friends and I agreed he was going to be special when well.

This is a loss

Phillips must be very impatient if he is leaving solely by his own decision. He is just coming back from an injury and being brought along on a time schedule.
Did he think he would just step in & bump someone out of playing time before he even got back in shape & back to 100%?

Yea, just seen the tweet as well. Hawkins would be another great pick-up. He was my next favorite behind Gueye, although Hawkins is more of a 5 and Gueye is more of a 4.

Also, if we lose 5 IMO, that wouldn’t be good. 3-4 this year is understood with Gafford leaving early and Garland’s situation. But if we’re starting to have years where we’re having 3 freshmen transfer out, that’s a lot and not a good look. I may be in the minority here, but I still think Henderson will end up being a good college basketball player, I knew when I seen him in the red/white game he was a year or 2 away, but we’ve had guys like him before that got much better that stayed, you can’t teach the athleticism that he has.

And I think the connection he has with his Hawk teammates will also keep him here. You can tell those guys are real good friends and like being around one another. One thing I always look at is body language on guys that don’t play that much. If you watch Henderson on the bench he’s always one of the first guys up celebrating, cheering, and hopping up to give guys high fives. In comparison if you watched Phillips body language he was always nonchalant and didn’t ever really celebrate or show emotion. Ibby is also a guy that always cheers his teammates on and has a smile on his face, I just think Ibby may be too far behind, the fact they haven’t even tried to play him in garbage time in games says a lot.

100% agree

I think Ibby is being redshirted, plain and simple. That’s why he doesn’t get in for garbage time. Might he transfer anyway? Yeah, it’s possible. I would hope MA and staff talked to him, said you’re not ready yet and we don’t want to waste a year on getting you a minute here and a minute there, but we think you can contribute in the future if you work hard.

I think Ibby has potential, but his situation just reminds me so much of Doobie’s. Can’t see him staying.

Where was he rated, compared to those playing?

I’ve watched a lot of Gueye film and a couple full Daytona St games, Gueye looks like a 3/stretch 4…in a similar vein to Phillips. Gueye has better range and athleticism but seems to be a bit behind on BB IQ. There’s a tremendous amount of raw talent there and I wouldn’t be surprised if his already solid offer list expands.

Heard somebody talking on the radio recently… Don’t remember when/where but… They stated that about 40% of D1 basketball players will eventually transfer… don’t know if that’s accurate or not

Has this transfer been confirmed or is it rumor and speculation? If he is dressed out tonight, will that confirm he is staying, at least for the rest of this semester?

He’s gone. He confirmed with me.

Transferring at Christmas break confuses me as to how the rules work. (I know we have had this before).

So, kid A is a true Freshman, has played, so Red Shirt is not available (at least not at original school). He transfers at Christmas. What happens as far as “classification”?

  1. He sits out Spring and Fall at new school, but is still considered a Freshman for Spring at new school.
  2. He sits out Spring and Fall at new school, is considered a Sophomore at new school.

I think the answer is #1, but I do not like it. It really encourages kids to give up and transfer at Christmas, instead of playing out the year and then evaluating. Heck you could be a starter who played in every game so far, including a game or 2 in January, and leave with basically no consequences. The fact is, you played this “year” (academic year), it should count.

Now, if people want to say there shouldn’t be any “sit out” year for a transfer, that is a different discussion. But assuming you are trying to discourage transfers by requiring them to sit out a year, then #2 seems to be what the rule should be.

Kid A has played this year, let him finish out the year (his Freshman year), then if he wants to transfer, do so, sit out a year, and play the whole next year as a Sophomore.

Last thought, I realize the new “4 games or less red shirt” rule in football now has the same effect. Kids can play 4 games, say, “naw, I am out” and leave and get a redo of the year at the new school. I liked the new rule at first, I think what it was intended to cover made it a good idea. But the unintended consequences make it a at least debatable rule.

I believe he’ll be considered a RS FR at his new school and be eligible to play at the beginning of the spring 2020 semester.

As I noted, I think it will be 3 or 4 2019 additions with an eye toward 2020 as well.

I suspect two scholarships will likely open up for sure - Gafford’s and Garland’s, unless there is a change in his health issue.

Phillip’s goes to Hill.

I suspect at least one other current player will not be back - be it by his decision or the staff’s.

Is there any chance that Big Dan could shock us all?