Jordon Phillips transferring?

Jeff Goodman is reporting this on twitter

That makes no sense. Why wouldn’t he wait until after the season was over?

I could be wrong but doing it now would let him be able to play the 2nd semester of the 19-20 season I believe. So he doesn’t miss a full year.

We are trying to confirm.

You would transfer now so you could play the second semester next year at your new school.

If he has visions of being a starter, he probably needed to transfer. With this young talented team, that probably wasn’t going to happen at Arkansas. He will be more attractive for a new team since he’ll only have to sit for a semester.

Saw him live his first game back at BWA and on TV other games and was pretty disappointed with his mobility, athleticism, length and energy level. (I know he was coming off an injury but I wasn’t even seeing glimmers). He’s a big guy, but not “long”, at least by my definition - not long arms or legs.

Probably not a lot of time spent trying to talk him out of it. One more scholarship to work with…

Quite the opposite. They wanted him to stay.

Now days it’s not always the kid, but family pushing it. Jordan was well liked by the staff and his teammates.

I would respectfully disagree on his length and athleticism. He was way behind and I didn’t expect him to get into the flow of things until late Jan. or Feb. I think he had loads of potential, but we’ll never know if he could’ve shown it now. Very disappointing.

Hate to see him go. He fit perfectly as a hybrid 3-4 for Anderson’s system. I wish him well where ever he goes.

I disagree on the length as well.

I think he is going to turn into a great player.

Simple bad news on this one. I think he could have made a huge impact toward the end of the season.
If he’s going I hope he has success.

I agree, I think Dudley and Richard are dead on. This kid has a chance to be special.

I posted a few days ago who I thought would leave. Unfortunately, he was on my list. Hope I’m not right on the other five.

Were any of Jordan 's family at the A&M game Saturday? He didn’t get to play much.

Why is the kid leaving? Can somebody ask him the specifics of what is the deal and give us a straight answer? This is a big loss for a team that had a short bench to begin with. We seem to have more than our share of transfers. It is strange because Coach Anderson seems to be a coach who is not hard to get along with. Inquiring minds want to know.

Didn’t see enough of him on the court to say whether it’s a tough loss or not. On the flip side, we can’t look forward to the class of 2020 with great anticipation and then mourn transfers. The fact of the matter is there would have to be transfers. Be careful what you wish for…

Phillips is talented. His injury set him back and we haven’t seen what he’s capable of.
He will be missed.

He wasn’t making shots but he has a good-looking shot which looks like it’s goin in. He just needs time to play and he certainly wasn’t getting it here… I don’t blame him one bit.

Playing time. Plain and simple.

These better recruits expect playing time. If they don’t get it they leave. TCU just lost one last week.

Numbers work themselves out

When I’ve seen him on the floor he’s looked absolutely lost. No way playing time is justified if his practice time looks anything like his game time.