Jordon Jones

Has he disappeared? Don’t notice him getting any snaps.

I’m hearing he will transfer.

What about Hammond’s?

Jones played yesterday.

Good question, Chase needed help ! WPS

Jones looked good in the first game. Has he gotten slower since then?

makes no sense at all not to get him the ball,line him up in different spots and find a way to get it too him! he’s the fastest we have and never touches the ball.

Wonder if he has issues getting separation on the shorter routes. Maybe not on the same page as the QB on reads. One thing for sure he can get separation on deep routes and the only QB who can get it to him then is Cole Kelly. But you would think on the quick slants hitting him in stride and let his speed take it from there.

Didn’t he drop one that hit him right in the hands???

You see Jordon open occasionally deep, but not open much otherwise. He appears to have very good straight line speed but not the quick feet and precise routes needed to get open in the rest of the offense. With the receivers already committed, he may need to transfer to get playing time in the future. They have worked with him hard, but he can’t or won’t do what it takes to succeed in this offense.

I asked Chad about Jordan Jones today. Here’s his response:

“I think that as the offense continues to develop, we were running the football pretty effective, too. We try to take what defenses give us. Sometimes that’s just kind of part of it. Some guys are going to have the hot hand and some guys aren’t. This past week, we were running the football. Week before, we were doing a decent job of mixing it up and running the ball and just trying to pick and choose where the ball’s got to get to. We’ll just keep working and keep getting better.”

LOL :lol: That’s a real head scratcher of an answer. It’s like Morris didn’t like the question about Jones, so he just threw out an answer to a question he maybe wanted to hear.

Makes sense to me even if it is indeed a bit of coach speak.

Less passes to go around if the running game is as successful as it was with Boyd and Whaley.