Jordan Walsh's position

Last fall when he committed, I originally thought he would see most of his minutes at power forward. But with all of the incoming transfers, it looks like he will need to be an effective small forward or else there will be a serious logjam at the power forward position.

With you on this. I see him coming in and being a 3 right away. I think you could also get quality time from him at the 4 when downsizing the lineup.


Scottie, with the new roster (assuming no additional additions), do you see JWill as a 4 or a stretch 5?

Scottie what’s the low down on being one over the limit right now?

Is J Will gone or is someone leaving…I’ll hang up and listen

I noticed yesterday on Twitter that Kamani was trying to drum up NIL business specifically with businesses in Arkansas. That definitely doesn’t sound like someone who is contemplating a transfer. And Devo has said he isn’t going anywhere. That doesn’t leave many options. Of course Muss could tell Kamani he needs to find someplace else if JWill returns, I guess.

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Only thing I see is Robinson leaving but If I was a betting man I think J Will is not coming back.

Yeah I think those are the two most likely possibilities.

Unless one of them decides to become a walkon and NIL to pay for things.

I doubt that and I doubt Muss would ever ask a kid to do that.

I just hope Black isn’t having second thoughts…he hasn’t signed yet.

RD posted in another thread that AB is traveling this week and is likely to sign next week. No sign of second thoughts.

If he returns, I view him as a stretch 4, and Brazile, who can stretch defenses a bit, too, as the 5. I’d still run Jaylin in ballscreens, without question. Maybe that allows Brazile to work the dunker spots and float inside the arc some to utilize his length on the glass. I might start with those two in the frontcourt at least at the official open of practices and see how they mesh. Jalen Graham at the 3 would make you crazy long and athletic.


My gut is telling me – and it’s only my gut at this point – Jaylin will go all in on the draft. Kind of a strike while the iron is hot kind of deal. Him and his family will make a wise decision either way.


Yeah, I think Anthony really likes the idea of playing with Nick and Jordan. He knows he’ll get lots of assists passing to those 2 players.

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I expect he does…but he also has to be giddy seeing the overall length we have coming in at the 4 and 5 spots. We may be the next “Dunk City” team with him passing to all of those bigs running to the rim.

His family and he. -1 :crazy_face:

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Thanks for keeping me in line.

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On the offensive side I agree with you, and I think they’ll flip on the defensive side. I’ve always thought Walsh would play the 3. Now, I agree with you about JWill going all in on the draft, but I still think he comes back. With the improvements Muss made this year, I see his stock going even higher as the “leader” of this team. I think he will also be able to showcase more of his all around talent with all the help he will have next year.

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The more time that goes by and nobody has entered the portal the more obvious it becomes J Will is not coming back.

Rosters are filling up quick and if you wait too late to enter the portal you may not find a spot.

If Jaxson was leaving I think he would have put his name out there by now.

Jaylin said last night as he received a key to Fort Smith from the mayor that he is gearing up for workouts and eager to experience everything the pre-draft process entails. He said that returning, without question, is enticing, but he’s giving his attention and ear to the pros right now. Getting any kind of feedback from those at the next level has to be exciting for him.

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Scottie, is June 1 the withdrawal date for the draft if he decides to come back? Seems like I’ve seen two different dates.

If he does decide to return to school, what do you think is a realistic timeline for him to withdraw? Do you think it would go right up to the withdrawal date?

Do we know if he’s gotten specific feedback from the pros yet?